Despite signing with Cavs, Dwyane Wade still wants to retire in a Miami Heat jersey

After Dwyane Wade negotiated his buyout with the Chicago Bulls, one of the expected frontrunners to sign the veteran guard was the Miami Heat, who, of course, Wade played for during the first 13 seasons of his career.

Instead, Wade decided to join up with the Cleveland Cavaliers, signing a one-year, $2.3M deal with the defending Eastern Conference champions so he could play with his good friend LeBron James again. But while he chose the Cavs this time around, Wade does hope to one day retire in a Miami Heat jersey. Via the Associated Press:

“Miami, the door’s always unlocked,” Wade told AP. “One day I want to retire in a Miami Heat jersey. I don’t know how that will happen, but I definitely want to make sure that when I decide to hang it up, that jersey is on. Whether it’s being back there or signing a one-day deal like Paul Pierce, I want to make sure that I go out the way I came in.”


The Heat, unsurprisingly, are more than open to the idea, with head coach Erik Spoelstra saying recently, “Everybody knows how we all feel about him.”

Whether he actually plays for them again or just signs a one-day contract to officially retire with the team, it would be only right that Wade goes out with the Heat — the team with whom he will forever be linked and played a key factor in all three of the franchise’s titles.

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