Dortmund 6-1 victory over Mönchengladbach , Aubameyang hat-trick

2017-18 season Bundesliga 6th round, Dortmund sits Idona signal park stadium 6 to 1 swept Mönchengladbach, the first six rounds sent 5 wins and 1 level success lead standings. Aubameyang staged hat trick 6 round 8 ball ranked striker top position, Philip scored twice, Weigl also scored a world wave. Mönchengladbach, Stindl ended Dortmund without conceding the record.



Dortmund victory lead the standings: in the victory after the door, Dortmund 6 rounds before winning 5 wins and 1 unbeaten success, continue to lead the standings. Dortmund did not concede the end of the record: 5 round after Dortmund is the only five league team, but also created a team history record. But in the game, Stindl broke, this is Dortmund this season, the league lost the first ball. Philip 2 shot 1 pass: Philip scored twice in the field, the number of goals this season to 4. In addition, he also sent an assists for Aubameyang.


Aubameyang field hat trick, the first six rounds into the 8 ball, beyond Lewandowski rose to the top scorer list. Black lightning for the Hornet Corps of the number of goals to 132, is also the team history of the most foreign aid.

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