Secret was invited to the perfect Masters; ESL One Hamburg qualifying results forecast

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This month on the 20th perfect masters officially announced two invited teams are TI runner-up Newbee and TI third runner LFY. Not yet announced the last one invited the team at the same time, many people guess should be invited to a non-Chinese clan or TI champion Liquid. After two days, that is, this morning, the official official released the third invited team, is from the European of the Secret team rather than the TI champion Liquid. Although the new season in the system inside, the organizers have the right to invite the team regardless of the level of points. Can also be derived from the rules of inviting the team unequal. Liquid on TI7 1 wear 6 win, the new season staff did not change. Strength and status is still the top team, all events should be invited to this TI7 champion. The perfect official is to choose the invitation from the same secret team from the European region (the current secret is still competing for multiple qualifiers) even TI scores better than the secret VP or Empire were not invited. VP is the same as no substitutions, the secret is different for the people, the results are not very good Fata now leave the top of the bench. Really want to invite the standard of the team where?


Group stage: November 19 – November 20

Main Event: November 22 – November 26th

Other tournament related information, we will be announced, please players continue to pay attention.

Southeast Asian District Wolves narrow road Fnatic war Mineski only the strongest to the last


Yesterday’s forecast is so, the current Mineski is still strong, but met EEsama joined Fnatic must be able to play the most intense match duel. With the Philippines in the upper half of the tyrannical TNC is also against the city rivals Clutch Game, predicted Mineski and Tnc meet semi-final fight for the final qualification. The second half is the XctN war Fire Dragon, XctN comparative advantage, WG in the Lord have to leave after a lot of fighting down, should not be HF opponents.

CIS area Navi slaughter shark, VP easy clearance


VP team after the TI7 was Liquid out, not only did not replace the five players also said they would continue to fight together, VP in the Ramze666 the young and promising carry to join after the VP to return to glory. Navi is also the result of subordination after the reorganization. Empire is the face of the M19 this second team should easily win the second line.

European war situation OG secret two points


The European region is more intense, the two devil secret and OG in the upper and lower half, with the strength and the recent state of the two teams are equally expected to join the division final is not a problem. Final qualifying qualifying depends on who has real ability and hard power.

North America is no longer the world of EG and CoL


EG after the departure of Zai and PPD veteran Fear paid as the 5 position Cr1t back to the familiar 4 position, EG will face Immortals. Qo, MP, Forev, Febby, Dubu 5 man reunion after the second qualifier. Prior to the SLi qualifier by PPD and ZAI’s new team The Dire into the loser group. I believe 5 for the tacit understanding of the Korean people also expected 2-1 victory over EG. The Dire Although the staff is luxurious, but recently watch the Dire game, they seem to have not found their own play. On the contrary Col in the old Chessie and Limmp after the return of the allocation of just right, the players are also familiar with the old players. In TheDire not horses before the horse is bound to give them to gravity.

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