Champion League Round of 16- 03:45am Bayern Munich vs Arsenal

Good afternoon, so now i going to talk about Bayern Munich vs Arsenal this match. If you like my post and interested to bet on this match, please enter to Malaysia sports betting When their fans see the result after a draw, the old opponent going to play again with each other at round of 16 in Champion League. They played in Champion League in this recent 5 season and they face each other 4 times. In this 6 times, Bayern Munich in advantage against Arsenal. They get 3 win 1 draw 2 lose result against Arsenal.

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This time maybe is the most hot debate match. First, Bayern Munich is facing the player ages problem. E.g, Lahm, Robben, Ribery and Xavi Alonso is over their golden ages. They don’t have the stamina and strength to play in 90 minutes like before, but they full of experienced and technic to play for the match. And the captain Lahm will retired after this season. So, the team player must give all they have to fight for team, and captain Lahm can rejoice and have a good memory before he retired.
When they played in group stage, Bayern Munich play not well. While they play for away team, they defeated by Rostov and Atletico Madrid. Their performance worse than last few season. Since Jerome Boateng injured, their defender is getting weaker.
For team Arsenal, their performance is not stable. They defeated in home team against Watford. But for the team speed and strength ability, they are far more better than Bayern Munich. Bellerin, Walcott and Sanchez is consider the top speed player. And Mesut Ozil be the playmaker for make a killer pass for them to destroy Bayern Munich defending line. Arsenal had always enter quater semi-final in Champion League. When the team needed plan b tactics, the Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger will substitute in the striker Giroud out for different formation to play for counter attack. So Giroud have an advantage to get the ball to make a score against Bayern Munich.
Conclusion, This match Bayern Munich against Arsenal is worth a watch. And i will pick Arsenal have advantage to win over Bayern Munich.
Take Arsenal + 1-1.5 (4.5 star)
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