Champion League round of 16- 03:45am Real Madrid vs SSC Napoli

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Real Madrid is a former Champion League winner. This season they also play very well in Spain La Liga and Champion League group stage. Recently they breaking a 40 undefeated record. Although they let Sevilla end the winning streak on 16th January, but their form never been affected. Recently they still in good form and get a 4 win match in a row.
But when they in group stage of Champion League, Real Madrid is not the only team impress the world. Borussia Dortmund force them twice to a draw match. In that match, everyone know and saw the weakness of Real Madrid. When they against the team which is expert in pressing and holding, and also good in counter-attack, they can’t find a way to get back the possession. SSC Napoli is the team play similar with Borussia Dortmund.
Besides, when Real Madrid play for the last group stage match, Legia Warszawa forced them to a draw match. This causes Real Madrid can’t become top 1 on chart to enter Champion League round of 16. It proved that they underestimate the opponent and let them have an opportunity to fight back.
For Italy Series A giant team SSC Napoli, now they are in 3rd position. When they come to Champion League, they fighting for so hard only can enter to round of 16. Although the possession of SSC Napoli not worse than Real Madrid, their attacking role is on my fire this season. The key player Dries Mertens had scores 16 goal in league and 4 goals from Champion League.
No doubt Real Madrid bench is much more better than SSC Napoli. So they got no pressure facing any replacement problem. The only thing they stress for is trying to retain the Champion League title, i will tips for Real Madrid can win for this match.
Take Real Madrid -1 (4 star)
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