How to make easy money on ACE333!

So now, i going to share you about something interesting and you will going to be excited. How you can earn extra pocket money with the ACE333 slot game app. If you still not yet download the app into the smartphone, just click on ACE333 this link to start place your deposit and play the slot game!
So, after you join this game and enter your username and password, it will jump into this interface. Which game can win easy win? Since i play for ACE333 for a while, i find out one of the game can make easy money. Now i going to show you which game you need to enter. Press on Arcade category, you will see total 5 games like the photo show below
Press on the “Wang zhe tian xia” which on the first game count from the right. Then i will show you how to win every single game.
Before you place your bet, what you can see is total four character in the game. For the first one it’s called Wu Kong, the second one is Nuo Za, for the next one is Sha Zeng and last one named Niu Mo Wang. So how to win the game? The number inside the blue boxes is the odds of the game. The lower odds is the higher chances to win the game. For me, i will place my stake on 3 to 4 bet.
After the game result, you can see the display above, i only pick few of the lower odds to bet. I just place for 50 cent on each lower odds stake, and i hit the payout double of my bet. If you follow my tutorial that i teach you, you can slowly make your capital grow. If you don’t believe it, you may try it and download ACE333 to your smartphone check it out. My purpose is just trying to share my opinion and knowledge to you all. If you like my post, stay tuned for the next topic and i will lead you all to win some money in rooster year!

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