Andre Iguodala this summer to the Rockets Warriors salary of 4 million to leave him!


Beijing time on September 21, according to Clutchpoints reported that this summer test the water free market Andre – Andre Iguodala almost failed to renew the warriors, he once considered joining the rocket, but the Warriors finally meet his salary requirements.

33-year-old Iguodala in the Warriors have harvested enough honors in the past few years, so he began to consider winning his last big career contract, entered the free market this summer.

Warriors first offer, hoping to 800-1200 million US dollars per year price to Iguodala to send 2-3 years of the contract, and ultimately their offer is 3 years 36 million US dollars.

Iguodala is not satisfied with the offer, ready to face with the Spurs, the Rockets, the King and the 76 people face to face negotiations. At this time the Warriors once again sent the offer, general manager Bob – Myers made the boss Joey – Lecobo agreed to raise the total value of the 3-year contract to 42 million US dollars, but the third year the contract is only part of the protection.

Players are not happy after hearing the offer, inform the Warriors that they will choose other teams.

And then the Lakers linked to the first time on the Andre Iguodala side, by virtue of the former agent of Iguodala Luo – Palinka and former colleague Luke – Wharton relationship, they sent the players for 1 year 2000 Million dollar offer. In this regard, Iguodala to wait and see attitude, he is not very satisfied with the offer.

The next rocket recruitment enthusiasm really touched Iguodala, general manager Daryl – Morey during his talks with the Rockets not only gave him a satisfactory offer, headed star James – Harden also called with him Had a communication, and then the new aid Chris – Paul took over the phone to persuade Iguodala to join.


The rocket’s sincerity to Andre Iguodala after the cancellation of the talks with the Spurs and other teams, in the final decision before he out of respect for the warriors to the last meeting of the opportunity.

This time Myers brought head coach Steve Cole, Warriors raised the offer again to $ 45 million in full protection, but while Iguodala insisted that the $ 16 million annual salary would not be relieved and the talks were stalled. At this point Iguodala has been close to join the rocket, the key moment Myers proposed to communicate with the boss Lecobo for the last time, for an additional 3 million annual salary.

Twenty minutes later, Myers entered the hotel room where Iguodala was filled with the gift of Houston, and said, “It was.

So after some twists and turns, Iguodala will be their own past four years in the Warriors to get the 12 million annual salary raised to 16 million. This means that Cole could not help but admire: “I said before. Andre retired after the broker should be done.He has long been ready.

After a few hours later, Iguodala officially agreed to 3 years 48 million US dollars renewal of warriors, all the dust settled.

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