ESL qualifier forecast; KG win over LGD ESL Humburg Major China quota Malaysia Online Betting Report


LGD in the same line after the defeat of the brothers LFY, in the final face of KG results 2-3 defeated, regret not qualify. In contrast, KG clan from the Ehome finally emperor did not hesitate to win the ESL ONE line in Hamburg, China’s quota.

After 5 Bureau of war LGD defeated, Yao Emperor in microblogging release congratulations KG , the truth that in the fifth inning BP is really not perfect. Once again congratulate the KG team to win the new season’s first Major race places, it seems from the Ehome after more than the state to enhance a lot of luck also turn a lot better. KG personnel list is as follows:






ESL One Humburg Major SEA Qualifier


After more than the reorganization of the SEA , individual Mineski qualify for a larger chance to the previous state of the staff can be described as the configuration of the East Asia King of the iceiceice and mushi join hands no words to say before Won the SLi League tournament in SEA. ESL Major should also pass the posture!!!

ESL One Humburg Major CIS Qualifier


The CIS side recently Navi state back to warm, but with the powerful VP in the upper half there is no accident sauce in the semi-final meet to Navi the current state although much better than before, but still can not be the most strong with the VP Clan match. Empire is the same situation.

ESL One Hamburg Major Europe Qualifier


Europe is the secret with the OG before the battle. Secret in the Fata home something back home, HeStEjOe1RoTTeN the old C9 player to join the secret standin the bench. Staffing with TI just over the OG and Resolution to join OG to complete midlane problem, plastic surgery can be said to be perfect, it seems there are opportunities to sauce several Major in the bag.

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