SLi season 3 qualifier ; Navi, Mineski qualify to play in Kiev Malaysia Online Betting Report

SLi International is a tournament organized by Starladder and i-League. Has now been held to the third season, the main event will be held on October 12 – 15 places in the Ukrainian capital Kiev.


The tournament could be said to be the first big event after TI, and TI’s leading runner, Liquid and Newbee, were invited directly, and the other six teams came from six regional qualifiers. 8 teams compete for up to $ 300,000 in prize money and new season career tour points. There are currently three regional champions, respectively, South American SG sports, and our familiar player Mushi and Dendi led SEA Mineski and the CIS area of Navi! !

tumblr_n89t1pous31rt2j9do1_500The picture shows the TI3 loser group finals Navi 2-1 out of the Orange team after Dendi Mushi to worship the action

I do not know we still remember the two legendary single Mushi and Dendi duel. TI3 on the Navi twice the orange team pulled down, and the first DAC SOLO final and so many duel. Mushi for the development of the Dota circle in SEA really contributed, Dendi is the Western Knife of the faith. Now the two have been peak period, the new season, the two reorganized their clan to start again. Mineski is now winning a number of qualifiers, and there are a lot of opportunities to appear on the international stage

SEA Hutch Mushi iceiceice together again


Mushi left Fnatic and set up his own international team Mineski, but failed to qualify at the TI qualifier. Iceiceice team Faceless is also out early. TI after Mineski announced the new season’s staff configuration where iceiceice and Jabz joined ninja boogie, mushi’s Mineski, the last remaining member was the WG NANA. Lineup called luxury, Mushi and iceiceice is also the first time after the dissolution of DK in SEA to build teams. Mineki did not expect fans to win PGL and SLi champion qualify, now in preparation for Dota Pit, ESL Hamburg and China Perfect World qualifier, hoping to successfully qualify. Interested in betting qualifiers or other tournaments friends can click on the Malaysia Online Betting.

Return of Navi


CIS area of the war is quite intense! The Navi defeated Team Spirit after losing to Team Spirit and defeated Team Spirit again after defeating Spartak, and succeeded in revenge Team Spirit in the final.

Brazil glory 1 wear 4 qualifying


SG e-sports defeated Youth Fury, Infamous, Luccini gaming, DC.SA four teams, successfully completed 1 wear 4 qualifying!

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