Valve announced 2017 – 2018 DOTA2 professional tour system

2017 – 2018 season will be a new tournament system, the world’s Dota2 team will be in the Dota2 professional tour in a narrow line, including 11 Major and 16 Minor in the fight to win promotion Points, the final decision of the eight teams directly invited to participate in the International Invitational Tournament. Here we will take you more information about the promotion of the points system.

Another new season of the season, before the game to select the lineup stage, the coach and the players can be used with the BP lineup and discussion tactics; but after the lineup is determined, the coach must also fight the room.


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How do I earn points?

As long as in any official special race (Major) or minor (Minor) in the top four teams get all the players can get points.

How is the score of the tournament allocated?

For teams that do not rank third and fourth, their scores are as follows:
First place: 50%
Second place: 30%
Third place / fourth place: 10%
For the third and fourth tournaments, the scores are assigned as follows:
First place: 50%
Second place: 30%
Third place: 15%
Fourth place: 5%

Is the team gaining points or getting points?

The players themselves get points.

If the players turn, the score will go along with another team?


Will the championship points be assigned to each player?

Not all players will get all the points. For example, if a team in a game to win 75 points, then the team of each player can get 75 points each.

How to calculate the total score of a team is how much?

The highest points of a team of the top three players will be included in the team’s total points.

How many teams will be invited to participate in the 2018 International Invitational Tournament?

The top 8 teams in the International Invitational Tournament will be invited directly to the International Invitational Tournament. The other teams need to decide through the regional qualifying.

Are the invited teams in the regional qualifiers determined by points?

As the case may be, as may be considered as one of the factors that determine the regional qualifiers.

Is the invited team of the special or second championships determined by the points?

No, the organizers of the Tarton Championships are responsible for determining the list of invited teams for the tournament.

How is the championship score determined?

The score is proportional to the tournament’s bonus, but the bonus of Major is multiplied by 1.5.

Can the team play a substitute player?

Yes, but it will lead to penalties on points. The rules are as follows:

  • If you have at least four registered players in the qualifier and all five registered players have participated in the LAN tournament, there is no penalty.
  • If you have at least four registered players participating in the qualifiers and have used a substitute player in the LAN tournament, the main player will receive a 75% score and the substitute player will receive a 50% score.
  • In all other cases, all players will receive a 25% score.

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