Iphone X actually hidden 8 function

Apple released iPhone 10-year-old commemorative “iPhoneX”, innovative appearance so many fruit powder stunning, we still can not wait to start. But there are users questioned why such a beautiful mobile phone screen, but have to be a card above the “black long ugly ugly” block, looks bad eye? Do not say you do not know, the original above, but hidden 8 important function, this is the most important essence of iPhoneX where !


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Apple’s latest flagship iPhoneX officially launched on the 13th, there are silver, space gray two colors can choose, and divided into 64GB, 256GB two specifications, will be open on October 27 pre-order, November 3 officially on sale.


iPhoneX in addition to the first use of OLED panel iPhone, more 5.8-inch Super Retina HD screen, than the 5.5-inch iPhone8 Plus and 4.7-inch iPhone8 larger, in addition to support wireless charging, anti-splash, water, dust, More 12 million dual lens camera, the fuselage is the use of glass material, strengthen the layer is more thick 50%, stainless steel frame is also quite texture.

Since iPhoneX abandons the Home key and uses FaceID to unlock the screen, why is there a row of “black long” blocks? Apple is also published in the official website of the internal components according to the original inside still hidden very important 8 functions, from left to right are infrared lens, flood light, proximity sensor, ambient photometric sensor, speaker (speaker) , Microphone, 7 million pixel front lens, mapping point projector.


This time through the TrueDepth camera implementation of the FaceID function, is the use of the new infrared lens, flood indicator, mapping point projector, projection and analysis of more than 30,000 non-visible light mapping points to confirm and describe your facial contours, Can also be identified at night with infrared. So do not let it ugly, if there is no “this one” core components to help, iPhoneX may have a lot of things can not do it!

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