According to the famous US gossip media TMZ broke the news, the Los Angeles Lakers plan in Beijing on December 19 at home against the Warriors before the game for the legendary star Kobe Bryant – Bryant jersey retired ceremony.


It is worth mentioning that the Lakers did not officially announce the matter, and TMZ broke the news for the gossip or gossip, so the accuracy of the message to be further verified. But in a letter to the season ticket fans, the Lakers seem to have hinted, “Please get your season ticket before the arrival of the game on December 18, and we have prepared a special program.”

There are also more informed sources to TMZ revealed that day is certainly belong to Bryant’s night. Now the suspense is, which number will be decommissioned? 8 or 24, or both numbers are retired?

Bryant first entered the league when wearing No. 8 jersey, No. 8 Peter and O’Neal for the Lakers won the three consecutive championship, but also personal career of the first three championships. In the personal achievements, Bryant shocked the 81 points also occurred in the 8th period, but that year’s Kobe Bryant alone helpless, the playoffs brutal sun comeback, which makes him eager to change, with a new start.

The next season, Bryant changed the number to have been through the 24, once again led the Lakers into the finals, and in 2009 and 2010 to complete two consecutive championships.

Compared to Kobe Bryant before and after two career, 8 and 24 of the basic data regardless of the 24th Kobe Bryant in the offensive end increasingly spicy, scoring ability, and 8 Kobe Bryant physical quality is undoubtedly more Madden, excellent The defense made his victory more brilliant. But no matter which Kobe Bryant, he achieved the achievements are worthy of the history of the star’s praise, regardless of which jersey or two decommissioned enough convincing.

By the way, this will be the Lakers new season for the first time against the Warriors, we can finally witness Ronzo – Boer challenge Stephen – Curry’s play it!


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