The enourmous gamble feature in Malaysia Online Casino

As most of our honor players would have know that our games have all provided a special feature called Gamble, mostly you would only find this in our Malaysia online casino as most classic casino would not have provided this feature.

This feature would have been a great feature as for low bet and someone that wanted to try out their luck. Also, this feature is mainly only featured in our Slot Games and sometime we also praised that this feature is available. It provide our customer with a 100% return in back if they win, some games also allow higher gamble chances as for a streak winning, that allow our customer to maybe take away 50% of their total winning if they wanted to forfeit in the half-way.

In here, i will give an example of the gamble feature in one of our most popular Slot GameGreat blue in the game provider of SCR888First, our players would have to at least win in a spin at no min. winning, meaning that you can win $0.25 in that spin, and this is where our gamble feature walks in. Our system would a significant gamble button on the bottom right of the screen every time you win a spin. Then, you would touch the sign and walk into the gamble feature interface.

Our system is running by a Big or win winning system, our players would need to choose from the two, either on of them shows that correct answer, when our players was been able to win the first time, our system will double up the payouts, and allow our players to choose from withdraw and continue, if they choose withdraw then our system would automatically add the sum of money into the balance of our players. But if out players have choose continue in the gamble continue. our system would withhold and the player would now enter the second round of the gamble game. If our player was lucky enough to win in the round again, the system will then automatically double up the balance in hold.

This feature may not be as easy to use if your winning in a big amount, you will stand a chance in winning but also in losing, if you unlucky to lose in any round of the gamble feature, you would as long as lose all the money. But do some calculations if you’re winning an average amount of money. What would you get? You get a double payout every time you win. E.g. you win $10, you win in the gamble feature by a streak of 5, that equals to $320, and in the other side, if you lose, you  only lose a $10. Are you ready to challenge your fate and luck? It really depends on your own, as this feature is not a forcing feature that forces you to gamble every time you win.

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