qojqva join TUHO transition offlane, Brazil glory SG lineup announced

In the transition of the beginning of the transition, S4 transformation win Major,剑来! Transformation of  TI7 third, and now we are familiar with mid player qojqva in the transition to play on the 3rd position. If China is the strongest Tinker is 430, Southeast Asia is Mushi, that Europe the strongest Tinker can said is qojqva . TI4 on the qojqva repair service is really superb. On the line delicate, skills release is perfect. But qojqva announced the transformation of No. 3, should have little chance to see qojqva in the middle of the situation, but in the inferior road mixed experience.


A few days ago Team Spirit CEO made a Twitter, the content expressed for PGL did not invite the team to qualify for dissatisfaction. Although the Spirit team finally won the election in the sea, but the Spirit of the CEO for this unpublished invitation to write a long article:

I don’t want to discuss what teams to my mind do not deserve the invitation, but I’m definitely sure that my team does. And I can assume only two objective motives for such a behavior. The first one is that our Romanian colleagues neglect their direct duties and are guided by opinion of some questionable experts.

The second reason looks like there may exist a fact of lobbying of someone’s interests, meaning that someone may have been interested* that my team didn’t get the direct invitation. This version sounds like some kind of a conspiracy theory and seems rather absurd, though I can’t wave it away.

To Team Spirit’s performance I also believe that should receive an invitation, but Valve is now beginning to implement the integral race system is to avoid this unfair invitation to the situation. Recently the major tournament qualifiers have begun to be interested in betting on the click on the Malaysian Online Betting.


SG team lineup list:

Guilherme “FuckinEh” Costábile

Adriano “4dr” Machado

Rodrigo “Lelis” Santos


Lucas ” bardo ” Barbosa

Brazil glory SG clan announced the latest staffing, 4dr back to SG other 4 is new. Hope in the future of the game can bring us more exciting game.


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