Apple Watch built-in mobile network? LTE system finally realized

From the Apple release will be less than two days, foreign well-known technology website 9to5Mac again from the outflow of iOS 11 GM system found more new information, including the new version of Apple Watch will eventually be possible to achieve LTE system, to catch up with other manufacturers for wisdom Watch the development of the progress.


According to foreign well-known technology website 9to5Mac, recently in the outflow of iOS 11 GM system developers found in the information, one of the new products on this show Apple Watch picture, which can see more than a red Button, as well as the watch on the surface of the call and guide the direction of the logo, more striking is the central four small blue dots, the current foreign media speculation that this will be the LTE system signal strength chart, Apple has mentioned the end of the year, that is, the upcoming release of new products, it is possible to combine the mobile network into the Apple Watch, which also means that the final LTE system can finally be achieved in the Apple Watch, for other manufacturers already LTE will be achieved in the smart watch on the situation, which is undoubtedly Apple’s big step to catch up with the progress of the performance.


In addition to Apple Watch, the information also confirmed that this time the presentation will skip the original expected 8,7S, 7S PLUS and other names, changed to “iPhone 8”, “iPhone 8 Plus” and “iPhone X” to the most new name , Which iPhone X photography-related technology, will also have a higher upgrade, such as 4K @ 60FPS and 1080P @ 240FPS film shooting, etc., there is Apple’s own production of headphones AirPod, also the state of the battery moved to the headset appearance , To facilitate users to better understand the power.

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