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There has been long time since the slots games has been converted into Mobile types which now become one of the most trendeed style in Malaysia Online Slots. We have been through with most of our customers with different games suchs as the Great Blue, Highway Kings, Panther Moon, and more of such games that has been popular even for a slight time.

Our company TONY88 has been known for the efficient customer services and the high bonus that we provide to our customers in order to create a specially high grade feel to each single customers. In 2015, we hace been getting customers with big wins who wins up to 1M credits in just two days time which we are so proud of now. When we first know that the jackpots are going to be droppen soon. We normally suggest our customer to get theirselves in the specific game in order to get a chance to win the jackpot.

At here we are now introducing some of the most easiest to win slot game that we have accumalated from our customer feedbacks and database. This article is just showing the possble facts of our database so it might not be that true, so you are warned to be use in care.

First, the famous Great Blue slot game. This game was much aticipated when it was firstly released in 2012. The new bonus system which was introduced in this game was fresh and one thing that you will like the most, the high bonus rate. Many of our customers was known to be winning a fortune using this game which was later followed many fans until up now. The bonus is introduced with our players has to choose between five shells to decide their free spins numbers and the multipliers. The rest is to be decided by the god of faith.

Second, the highky rated highway kings. To be honest, we have tried out this game once with our own. But it seems to not be working the way we heared from the rumours. The playstyle is incredibly classic with a chance to get wins from only 9 lines. But guess what? there total of up to 50% of this games players are getting money away from out bank more than we could have expected. This is also why this game is being able to survive until now as most the classic slot game which still uses 9 lines has all been abodoned.

Last, will be the classically famous Dolphin Reef. This game first introduced free games that utilize wild lines which was the 2nd and 4th line to be wild lanes with a fixed amount of free spins. This games was known not be winning big, but for the high rate of line accumulating. The two wild lanes which appears during the free games period can helps the most from the basic 25 lines games to help you able to pull any lines as long the symbols are correct at the other lanes.

Finally we are here which most of players seek out the most for the most easiest slot game to win by far are introduced again at here. But there different tastes for different tigers, agreed? So just try to find out your beloved games and not be restricted to anything as there are at least 100+ of games availble in TONY88 Malaysia Online Casino. Good luck and enjoy your time which was what we wanted our customers to.

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