South Korea Oppa team named Phoenix; America team list

Phoenix regeneration? 5 former MVP players reunited together

After the end of TI7 QO released a list on Twitter, is the dissolution of the South Korean MVP team 5 players list. But the team name are not news. But today, five Oppa officially registered a new season team, the team name for the Phoenix. A symbol of 5 people reunion Phoenix regeneration!

Team Phoenix:

Carry: QO

Mid: MP

Offlane: Forev

Semi Support: Febby

Hard Support: Dubu

Moved to North America VGJ.Storm honor captain Jeremy Lin personally led


Jeremy Lin will be renamed VGJ before VGJ.Thunder, and create the North American international team VGJ.Storm. VGJ.Storm is made up of former GG staff. Lin also said that after the peak of the league will personally lead to Los Angeles competition, during which will participate in the explanation of the event. Now he personally led the North American unit in the United States hope that will not affect the NBA career.

HR clan and COL clan announced the new season plastic surgery

Today, HR team and COL clan two teams announced the list of new season staff, the two teams have carried out personnel adjustments.

After entering the TI7, did not play the role of the dark horse HellRaisers clan bad Swiftending left, then by the former Geek players Dutchman Sexybamboe replacement, while the other four players stay in the HR to continue the campaign.

The first EG second COL, this is the American Dota to our influence. While the North American veteran team COL also carried out the substitutions of the action, in the TI6 has played for the COL of Sweden two brothers Limmp and Chessie return again. While the veteran of the old captain of the United States melonzz and his brother ZfreeK as well as the former TI6 runner-up single MOO and the former two to form a new COL clan.

The old captain of the United States changed the ID, he changed his name and the same Kyle. The Americas area has been a strong team hope that this veteran clan can play the desired results.

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