You know why buying a word for so many years is not that it is actually a secret. Many voices do not think they need to pay attention to these words. They think “will win prizes.” If you choose a number, you will be able to buy. The idea seems to be justified. Is not it, every future will come out, as if we will die in the future. But the word “future” is quite flexible, tomorrow, tomorrow is the future, next year, next year, ten years, twenty years after the future, in the end is the “future”? Betting is originally intended to win, gambling and gambling have a little money, of course, is to buy money, then more open and better words, or ten years later what is profitable? Now Malaysia 4D Result teach you the way let probability higher.

Metaphor (not a crack way):

The first phase to open 1111, the second phase to open 2222, the third phase to open 3333, the fourth open 4444, the fifth period to open 5555, the sixth open 6666, seventh open 7777, eighth open 8888, then what will be the ninth What is it? You have not 99.9% chance to think that will play 9999? Where to know who came to 0000. In order to improve the chances of winning, in addition to luck, but also take some time to study the study, which is in the equation. Plus the probability is not 1/10000. Because some words are difficult to open, such as 8888,5555. May also be biased, may be caused by a specific deviation of the shortcomings, making the word may be predictable. Or the specific word beads are not the same.

There is another analogy:


1, assuming 5000 words from 10000 words out, the probability is 0.5 or 50%. Thus, the probability of a period of time is 0.0023.

2, assuming that each word has the same chance to be taken out and extracted.

As shown in Figure 3, assume that the first period is 0001,0002 to 0023.

As shown in Figure 4, assume that the second period is 0024,0025 to 0046.

5, the first probability is 23/10000 = 0.0023.

6, the second probability is 23/10000 = 0.0023. Even if there is the probability of the first and the second with the word, the probability of the two together is not 0.0046. Because the first phase of 23 words to be revoked, so there will be a little chance to make the second and the first word the same. This little chance is 0.0023 * 0.0023.

As shown in Fig. 7, the probability of the first and the second is 1 – ((10000-23) / 10000 + 0.0023 * 0.0023) = 1- (1-0.0023) ^ 2 = 0.00459471.

8, assuming a year there are 175 Cai Cai, a total of 175 * 23 = 4025 words are drawn out, not drawn not 10000-4025 = 5975, because some are repeatedly extracted. Then, the words that were not raised in the year were (1-0.0023) ^ 175 * 10000 = 6683.

Some people use this way to calculate:

Use all the first prize, and then arranged in mathematics, after their own feng shui words.




6598 = 8

7609 = 0

8710 = 7

9821 = 9




Finally out of 8,0,7,9, and then in accordance with their own preferences order.

After reading these predictions, the player must be itchy, or suggest that these predictions are logical, not 100%! These are just network communication, do not blindly calculate the bet! Any loss is not important Xiaobian responsibility! In addition to the above spread, there are a lot of folk flow, but you want to accurately calculate it, it seems to ask how Newton to prove the same as the existence of suction! Interested ?please click Malaysia 4D Result to try your luck today !

Winning is to rely on luck, hard work, hard work, is the key to making money! Do not blindly bet, play a little happy like!


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