Manchester United want to win the Premier League is the need for a world-class winger reinforcement

News report by Malaysia Sport Books
Sunday evening Premier League first round, Manchester United in Old Trafford made a dream start, the Red Devils to 4 to 0 victory over West Ham United. The game, the new aid Lukaku for Manchester United scored twice, and Matic in the midfield also has a very good play.


However, Manchester United legend Gary – Neville that if Manchester United new season want to win the championship, then a world-class winger is the final puzzle.

Neville said: “Rushford is a winger? He is not a real winger. This is Manchester United need to strengthen the position, they need a world-class winger, so the lineup will be very complete.

“Manchester United has spent a lot of money in the transfer market, they have to compete for the championship, there is no excuse for Manchester United can also go to the championship.

“Last season, Manchester United’s performance is not good enough, the players did not come up with the overall strength of their performance.

“I can not believe that Chelsea will let him leave, and there is no reason to leave Matic,” said Neville, who is doing well in the game.

“Look at the current Manchester United squad, opponents will not want them against.” by Malaysia Sport Books

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