French cultural heritage Mont Saint Michel


Mont Saint Michel, France | Located in the west of France, is a well-known world cultural heritage. It takes only two and a half hours by car from Paris, and many visitors to Paris, France, will take this as one of the options for a day trip to Paris.

Go to the road to Mont Saint Michel


Go to the end of the town, you can find “Mont Saint Michel. Mont Michel” has been in sight. In this endless stream of sand, the distance so standing with a little mysterious castle, it is impossible to quickly find out what is going on. But the distance of the Mont Saint Michel looks very close, in fact, walking takes about 25 minutes to arrive, in order to save some time, or suggest that you take a free shuttle bus between.

Mont Saint Michel


Mont Saint Michel is about 1 km from the coast of the rocky island, for the French tourist destination, is also the pilgrimage of the Catholic Church, the top of the mountain has built the famous holy mountain mountain monastery. Mont Saint Michel and its Gulf were listed as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1979.

When you walk in the mountains looking at this huge mountain city, deeply feel that they are small. This is the city outside the high barrier, is the 14th century British and French centuries of war as a military fortress built by the use of the people who are very admire before the people in the end how to make the whole granite cast into a castle-like appearance.

Outside the mountain at the foot of the beach can see a lot of people go up, if there is time, may wish to go with other people to see what the past.

Into the city of San Michele


Into the ancient city walls of the city of Mont Saint Michel, after a castle door can reach the main street of the mountain city. There are many restaurants, souvenir shops and a wide variety of small shops on the main street. Really, before the Internet to see other people say that the street is like nine of the feeling of the street, really until the body has this feeling of the same ran out, because with the nine street, where the streets are small The store is close to. Just the streets of many Westerners face or people think it is two different.

Church area Eglise Paroissiale


The chapel on the Mont Saint Michel was built in the 15th to 16th centuries, standing on the left with a shield, and the statue of the right sword was “Joan of Arc”.

St. Mary’s Monastery Youth ticket EUR $ 7, adult ticket EUR $ 9


Located in the mountains of the most classic than the highest point of the monastery, although the need to buy a ticket to visit, but the area is not small, seriously need to go around for a while, I think the flower ticket money is worth it Oh.

Mont Saint Michel Abbey fare:

Youth ticket (18-25 years old): EUR $ 7
Adult ticket (over 26 years old): EUR $ 9

Monastery, 80m above sea level terrace


The monastery square is large and has 270 degrees of space to enjoy the views of the surrounding sandy beach

Abbey courtyard


This courtyard is my favorite place in the monastery, surrounded by cylindrical arcades neatly arranged, with the middle of the green set off look look more beautiful.


Each of the original column of the carving are not the same, there is time to enjoy one by one.

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