Iceland riding Iceland horse in Iceland >> dog skiing skating >> glacier hiking

Today to share about the activities in Iceland

Iceland because the terrain is very special volcano glacier terrain is also very special

Plus some of their own to be dangerous (for example: glacier hiking)

So there are many local groups can participate ~ ~

Also make the Icelandic trip more interesting and more experience

First !! to introduce the most promising before I started

Dog sled

The whole Iceland only one dog sled the company yo !!!

Dogsledding Iceland

So it can not compare

But Iceland’s dog is a relatively small only Husky

It’s not imagined fast but it’s funny!

Participate in the dog skid must remember to wear a jacket to wear a jacket with gloves yo ~

Or it will be really cold.

The report is located in Skalafell, about 45 minutes drive from Reykjavik

After the arrival of a professional person will explain the skills of dog skiing

There will be four people riding a sled

Each position will be round, so do not worry

You can also stand with the driving experience in the back ~

Only just did not take long, the dogs were feces Dayton (laughs

Has been swirling urine

The whole trip down to rest four times so that we take pictures of the dog is a dog speech

On the way will explain the name of each dog with personality

Ex: smart dog to be on the front, the last face as long as the strength of the dog,

The strength of the dog in front of the lotus girl to put, so they will stare at their ass innocently forward

After the end, you can also find your favorite dogs who take pictures to touch them

The sun is big enough to keep the eyes open

Intimate advice: sunglasses is also necessary yo (snow reflection of the sun is not a joke it)

2. ride Iceland horses in Reynisfjara black sandy beach

Vik horse adventure

Iceland’s horse breeds legs relatively short, gentle temperament, so here can ride their own do not need people in front of holding

But also their own control of the direction of the horse, very challenging it

Honestly, the weather was so bad and drizzling

Originally thought it would be wet and cold

Did not expect this horse riding design is great

There is a beach walk, across the creek, climb the hill

Riding for half an hour will not be tired will not boring it

After all, to drive their own horse, did not dare to single-handed, so the photos less

But still can be with the horse self-timer, went to the beach when the trainer trainers will also be intimate to help you look at the location of the bridge yo ~

Friends see the picture has always been a donkey

They are horse is horse is horse !!!! hair is very elegant horse

Glacier hiking

Extreme Iceland

Proposed to arrive 15 minutes in advance, the staff will help check whether the shoes meet the requirements

Do not meet the words will be given to us by shoes

The location is located at the Petronas opposite the Hotel Skaftafell, which will take a 5-minute drive to the glacier

It is recommended to wear waterproof clothing and climbing shoes and gloves

All the spikes chisel helmets will provide yo ~ do not worry

Hiking time can also choose their own ~

This time to go more pig glacier, next to the mountain smaller pig mountain

Because the weather is very good!

Walking must go sweat ~ later gloves did not bring

To participate in glacier hiking must be carefully listen to the words, follow his footsteps to go

Or accidentally fell into the ice inside, and then the ice clip to suffocate death

Do not always take pictures

Go to the beautiful place will stop to stay time for everyone  do not worry

Finally let us challenge the rope hanging to see the frozen blue shiny world

Ice is not the same every time to see

Morning and afternoon attractions will be quietly moving

So follow the professional wizard can see a different world !!!

Hands open really need great courage !!!

Obediently listen to the guide, then you can safely and fun to experience the time in the glacier walking

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