Yet another stunning Polish city, amber capital of Gdańsk


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Gdańsk is undoubtedly a stunning Polish city,

Originally thought that the capital of Warsaw’s old town should have been amazing;

But did not expect to participate in Cosmos BUS Tours visit several major cities in Poland,

Amber capital Gdańsk is really amazing,

Listed here as the next time to revisit the number of days with the growth of the Polish city.


That day arrived in Gdansk is the evening,

Meet friends and friends in the city to eat;


We are friends of my colleagues, she is a Gdansk,

Because of his son’s exotic marriage also let her and Taiwan to take a special fate,

Is currently learning Chinese, so as to communicate with her grandson;


Wonderful feeling, the face of the distant Westerners,

But also with simple Chinese and English chatting with Taiwan and their hometown.


After a meal walk back to the hotel, she said Gdańsk is a great, more beautiful city …,

At that time because they have not yet explored in the city, so there is no preference to judge.


Send them to the taxi, with their own curiosity,

Began the night tour of the old city, although there are no people on the street,

But I know that during the day should be beautiful, beautiful.


Played a big early, the scenery outside the window to attract their own move to the old city,

Want to take advantage of the city has not yet awakened, tourists have not yet invaded,

Take a look at the city’s life appearance;


Early in the old city there are many wagons, everyone busy replenishment,

There are many cafes busy to the inside and outside the store to put a good chair,

Ready to wait for the guests.


Located in the north of Gdańsk (Gdansk),

The Germans call it Danzig (Danzawa)

Here is the starting point of the ancient European amber road,

There are Motława (the Mottrava River) flowing through the sea of the suburbs,

Is the largest city and harbor in northern Poland;


Since ancient times here is the German and Slavs two major ethnic contention focus,

Has triggered numerous war,

Also several times by the German or Polish dynasty occupied.

In September 1939, the German Nazi raid Gdansk,

Triggered the second world war of the European battlefield,

There are many Poles in the city who are caught in concentration camps;

Until after the end of World War II in 1945,

Only to Gdansk and returned to the embrace of Poland.

From the main streets of the city
Can not imagine how rich there has been,
There are familiar cast iron signature production of sophisticated,
Do not let people stop to enjoy.

As the northern part of Poland is rich in amber,
In Gdansk brought together a lot of amber workshop,

Plus convenient transportation,
Making it the world’s largest amber distribution center,

Has the title of amber capital.


Whether it is a chain store or a personal workshop here,

Even roadside stalls are selling amber,

The price due to amber color and design work different and high and low;


As long as you can master the ability to identify amber true and false,

May wish to try to pick a home when the tour to commemorate.


I like to walk in the old town of Gdansk,

Feel the historical story of the ancient town hall and the sea god fountain;


Good weather can also grasp the limited opening hours boarded the town hall upstairs,

Take a look at the world’s largest brick church with overlooking this delicate city.

Or walk along the Mottrava River,

Look for a cafe or restaurant and feel the riverbank.


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