Enough to come! – Mexican mummy museum

Mummy Museum! The Did you hear that this is the Egyptian mummy? In fact, in addition to the Egyptian mummy famous, located in Mexico Guanajuato town, there is also a world-famous mummy museum (Museo de las momias).

Unlike the Egyptian mummies, the mummies in Guanajuato are mainly due to the unique mineral and particularly dry climate in the local soil. Many of the mummies in the Museo de las momias were buried in 1833 because of the death of the disease until they were excavated in the reorganization of the cemetery in 1865-1958.

The Museo de las momias can be reached in about 10 to 15 minutes by car from Guanajuato city bus. If you are not sure about the bus ride is wrong, remember to confirm with the driver is not to Museo de las momias on the line. Museo de las momias is located in the suburbs of the city, when approaching will see a full of Mexican-style zombie murals!

Museo de las momias tickets for the 56peso, about 112 Taiwan dollars. To visit the mummy seems to have no age limit, after admission to see a lot of national niche groups or parents with children to visit, the Mexicans seem to have no taboo on death, but also feel a good educational opportunity.

As the Mexican mummies are buried after the natural weather made, so you can see many of the mummy’s skin, hair, and even wearing the clothes are kept very well.

In addition to clothing remains intact, there are many mummies and even maintained the posture was buried.

Mummy in the Museo de las momias. And sometimes will go abroad for the tour on display, the figure on the right side of the mummy is often exhibited abroad, because the body of the skin are no holes, is currently very good to keep a mummy.

The most famous baby in the museum is the mummy with her mother, and the mother is dying after birth, and the baby mummy is also said to be the world’s smallest mummy.

Others also show a lot of baby mummies.

In addition to the mummy, the museum also arranged a channel, showing a lot of ancient times for the tools, so that visitors can experience it. Another magical thing is that the museum inside the mirror are broken, do not know if there is any mysterious function.

The next time you have the opportunity to play in Mexico, courage enough to consider the mummy museum (Museo de las momias) try.

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