Through the junction of life and death of the souls of the road to meet the ancient moon and the moon pyramid (Teotihuacán)

Located 40 kilometers northeast of the city of Mexico, take the bus about an hour away from the time, we came to Teotihuacan the ancient city. Teotihuacan is the ancient city of 200 years before the emergence of Teotihuacan left the remains. The most famous of the ancient ruins of the ancient city is the Pirámide de la Sol and a north-south about 3 km wide and 40 meters of the souls of the road Micaohtli.

Teotihuacan covers a large area of about 11 square kilometers and there are not many shelters in the remains, so remind you that if you want to go to a friend, be sure to remember to wear a hat with a good water, but it will be Easy to heat stroke.

A long time before entering the relics, the first to see the feathered serpent temple <Templo de Quezalcoatl>, the wall decorated with many feathered serpentine stone. According to the literature, the Teodiwahans worshiped a god named Terracro, the patron saint of Teotihuacan in charge of the rain and the rivers and lakes.

Standing on the Tempel de Quetzalcoatl, you can see the Pirámide de la Sol and the Pirámide de la Luna.

The ruins of the broad soul of the road Micaohtli , the legend is the year where the dignitaries were buried, and the main ritual activity center.

The Pyramid is the world’s third largest pyramid 65 meters high, 222 meters long from north to south, east and west width of 225 meters, from 2.5 million tons of earth and stone piles, a total of 5 layers of a total of 365 steps.

The pyramids in Teotihuacan are self-climbing, but steep along the steps, and be careful when climbing.

From the top of the Pyramid , you can clearly see another moon pyramid , many people are trying to climb to the top want to draw the mysterious magnetic field of the pyramid.

Another moon pyramid (Pirámide de la Luna) is relatively small, width of 150 meters X120 meters, 20 meters high, a total of 4 layers of the tower, the front has more than 200 steps.

From the top of the Pirámide de la Luna, the Pirámide de la Sol and the soul of the road “Micaohtli”.

In the relics, often can also see a lot of selling obsidian souvenirs small vendors.

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