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Visit Universal Studios Singapore, experience movies and experience! Singapore Universal Studios has a number of top unique recreational facilities and attractions, the film theme of the new projects and performances, including: shoes, cat swordsman adventure, the fortress fortress Galactica ™, Transformers 3D final match of the final battle, Jurassic Luoji River Adventure ™, Sesame Street, Italy, and so on!Image result for 新加坡環球影城wallpaper

Immersed in seven thematic areas

Into the fantasy world of the film, feel the excitement in the roller coaster and the film theme of the pleasure of pleasure facilities, allowing you to stay in the dream of the movie world, experience, experience the movie! The The reality of the screen to bring you a colorful, pleasing to the world, as well as an unparalleled entertainment experience.


Enter Hollywood, the specter of the Broadway-style Hollywood Theater (with the famous Hollywood Pantages Theater for the design blueprint) and row upon row of dining and shopping. Movie “American style painting” in the classic Burger House Myers fast food will be reproduced here, so that visitors experience the last century American restaurant bit of retro feelings! Shining “Avenue of Stars” on both sides of the Hollywood movie in the classic building, arranged in the palm tree is to let visitors feel like being in the famous Hollywood, looking forward to encounter with the stars.Image result for 新加坡環球影城好莱坞

New York

New York’s most classic city label – the ups and downs of the skyline, dazzling neon lights, famous buildings, intertwined in the metropolis of live and healthy, is also a ready-made film studio. By the film master Steven Spielberg hosted the “film special effects studio”, to visitors to reveal the scenes of the thrilling film scene; here, visitors can enjoy the traditional restaurant in the KT classic New York barbecue food, or in the Louis New York pizza hall taste Authentic New York pizza.Image result for 新加坡環球影城纽约

Science Fiction City

The future of the world, that is in front! This is made by the whimsy of the future of the metropolis, full of all kinds of incredible cutting-edge technology, but also mixed with ancient creatures and ancient cultural relics. Here in addition to the tourists around the world, but also attracted the lives of countless unknown world, is the epitome of the future world. The entire science fiction city is located in a huge underground power plant, power plants continue to draw wind, sun, water and other natural energy to supply the source power. Once the tourists boarded the world’s highest double-track roller coaster “space fortress” is able to participate in the war between man and the robot, turning the environment and the future of the perfect combination of fine technology.Image result for 新加坡環球影城sci fi city

Ancient Egypt

Ignoring the passage of time and high standing ancient temple, the tourists back to the thirties of the last century, Egypt, to reproduce the ancient Egyptian golden age adventure brilliant. It was the time when the Pharaoh mausoleum was excavated and the horror spell was released. Visitors follow the heroic warfare, bold and curious archaeologists trails, in the vast desert with calm and wisdom to crack the mystery of the temple. Whether it is in the Mediterranean flavor museum to quench their thirst, to the treasure of the Carter treasure to find imitation of ancient Egyptian artifacts, or personal experience of the mummy retriever indoor roller coaster thrills, are an unforgettable brave journey.Image result for 新加坡環球影城Ancient Egypt

Lost world

Lost world, respectively, “Jurassic Park” and “future water world” two by the Universal Studios love the theme of the highlights. To Stephen Spielberg’s classic movie series of the same name for the design of the blueprint of the “Jurassic Park”, itself is a let people forget the theme park. After the re-design of the Jurassic river adventure, thrilling, visitors will reverse the time and space, immersive into the ancient era of dinosaur world, shuttle in the dense original tropical rain forest, and dinosaurs. According to the “Future Water World” movie and the bombing of the performance, so that visitors can only watch the Universal Studios dare to present the superb special effects. Flaming and red water column in the mutual contrast under the explosion of the show, must allow visitors to stunned.Image result for 新加坡環球影城Lost world

Far Far Away

Far kingdom is based on DreamWorks animation produced “monster Shrek” series and create a dream theme area. Enter the world’s first 40 meters of the “distant kingdom castle”, visitors can enjoy the Shrek 4-D theater to bring surprises. Visitors can also participate in the multi-word donkey playing treasure show, or take the world’s first “shoes cat swordsman adventure” theme hanging speed!Image result for 新加坡環球影城far far away


Tourists will follow the DreamWorks animated blockbuster Madagascar’s four main characters – Lion Alex, Zebra Marty, Hippo Gloria and Giraffe, fleeing New York Central Park and drifting into the mysterious world of Madagascar. In the world’s first Madagascar: wooden box drift adventure tour, through the phantom, sound effects and effects and other cutting-edge technology means animal protagonists will lead visitors deep into the deep dense forests, experience an unprecedented journey. Visitors to the lemur leader Julian King to lend a helping hand, at any time may be the outbreak of the crater against the lemur’s natural enemies – nest cat. After the victory, the family size will be invited to participate in King Julian Rotation Dance, boarded the carousel share Tianlun.

Image result for 新加坡環球影城Madagascar


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