Follow the movie “King Kong: Skeleton Island” movie scene open!

Went to one of the main filming of the film – Vietnam

In the full look forward to come to see the spectacular shooting scene!

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The whole story background is after the war, so I can imagine this film absolutely with Vietnam have a great contact, but did not expect so many scenes are shot in Vietnam

The focus of the film is to focus on a “we do not know the world” as a starting point

So the scene can also be said to be like a pollution from the paradise (whether it is on the reflection, civilization has become a synonymous with the destruction of it?

The Skeleton Island in the movie is a closed island of the storm barrier, and even only the satellite map can refer to, is a completely unknown adventure

In the movie, in fact, I really did not think many scenes are real (after all, Hollywood CG strong)

Is this time to see only to prove that all this is not just King ah ah ah ~


But we should know that Vietnam is very large, but the main part of the viewfinder or mainly to the North

As the northern part of northern China belongs to the karst terrain (limestone terrain) so there are very many magnificent natural landscapes

But also because of this landscape, in order to meet the movie that is like “isolated” scene

Viewfinder 1- [Ha Long Bay] seaside / King Kong appearance / King Kong eat big octopus

Just as we all see the movie “King Kong: Skeleton Island” poster

King Kong’s official debut is in this large rock (island) group standing on the sea

From 1969 different sizes of the island composed of Halong Bay

Is a natural heritage established by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

Unique scenery of course, is the first choice


Look at the special landscape caused by the erosion of the rain for many years, sparse green vegetation

Not just what we see in the Halong Bay rock islands exactly the same?


As the island of Halong is really a lot, probably in addition to the plane, the whole can not all into the mirror

Can only climb up to two kilometers near the island of Paradise Island, in order to overlook the large and small islands here


As we take the cruise ship into Halong Bay

And this side of the ecology is protected, so many have to take another ride

So also took the boat speedboat, to another classic scene

In fact, this scene makes me very impressed

Because it was morning, I did not eat breakfast went

When King Kong was eating octopus, I thought, “Oh, so hungry.

But this scene is very special, not open to the outside world

Because there is a family living in the sea, we must first greet to go after the check out the location

But the locals are really good, but also let us go to take pictures (but still do not arbitrarily disturb people as the premise)


Here is the soldiers Chapman waiting for the Executive to rescue

Accidentally saw King Kong in this rest and caught only big octopus where the big flower


Really very quiet and comfortable, the water is also clear

If there is no electricity, in fact, I also quite want to live in this

But this is actually an entrance to the island

But not the main place of ashore

But also because of his quiet and beautiful, become one of the film scene


To a comparison map, right! That is the mountain

Viewfinder 2- [Lu Longwan – Changan attractions group cruise] King Kong blood fingerprints, Skeleton Island Aboriginal Village

Leave the Halong Bay, we took a 5-hour ride to Ningping, the next day began a boat trip

The same is the limestone terrain, but Lu Longwan is like the landscape will be moved to the land of Halong Bay

Just more land and many through the cruise can see the stalactite cave, it is also quite fresh

Continue to find the movie scene, we came to Changan tourist group cruise

Each boat to take four individuals, by the female boatman for us to draw about one and a half hours of cruise activities


After a little cave, the movie scene is about to debut!


Do you have an impression?

This bloody scene is also a classic scene in the movie

Although there is no King Kong deity appeared, but the mountain Muke proudly said: “Look, this is what we hurt”

Yes, it is this stone

Saying that the mountain . Is really great, the King Kong SIZE really very unusualXD

Again this scene is also in the Changan tourist group cruise, but it is artificial landscaping

I heard that shooting is really looking for local aborigines to become an actor!

In order to travel resources, Vietnam is also the scene intact kept here


There are many locals with the show


In addition there are movies in the “plane” landscape


But I guess this ship should be shot in the studio, but here made a replica to take pictures of tourists


There are broken helicopter tail XD


Then our journey to continue to go south

(But because Guangping relatively far, we are back to Hanoi take the domestic section of the flight to the Donghai Airport)

From the airport about 1 hour ride time, came to this covers an area of 2000 square kilometers of the seal – Bang Bang National Park

Which belongs to the limestone mountain area, a total of more than 300 caves, but also by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization as a World Heritage

On the stalactite cave, I will write another article introduction

Viewfinder 3 – 【Guangping, Seal – List of National Park】

Halong Bay at the beach, Lu Longwan on the land, while the seal – the state park is in the mountains

Although the film here in the view of the mountains and more mountains in the mountains and more ~

The first is the place where we went through the expedition

Is the movie soldiers in the crash after the two sides meet the horse

But there may be angle of the problem, it seems not on the The same time as

But after all we can take pictures of the angle is limited, I think it should be right here!


And continue to go down, crossing a river and then climb a small slope, is the rat hole

According to the tour guide said that this is King Kong’s home ~ but I did not see this movie inside the scene

But still for everyone to see ~ after all, this cave adventure, but I was very impressed! And then to share with everyone


Finally the same is in the national park

It is also the last scene of our trip to King Kong Cha Noi Valley


It is also an impressive movie scene

The protagonist of a pedestrian encountered a huge buffalo in the water

Although it looks terrible but harmless

Where did you see it? And so on!


In fact, this is actually the stocking of the valley of more cattle, go even when the careful gold

But there is a clean river, buffalo will appear in this is inevitable it Well


And just we went to the day in fact a little bit about to rain

With the film inside the kind of misty feeling and more like a little ~ there is no?

In fact, there are movies in the distance marked signs of legislation

But too far


The whole movie look down, there should be at least 1/4 ~ 1/3 is in Vietnam viewfinder

The special limestone landscapes in northern Vietnam have created the most unique spectacular scenery here

As the film said in general, like a world we do not know

But also because of this, whether in the film or real life, should strive to maintain the original

Ok, these are protected, I have the opportunity to go again!

There are a lot of articles about Vietnamese travel! Please wait for me to finish slowly

Finally, I want to know where Tom is visiting

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