Thailand VLOG-resort island KHAO LAK Khao Lak Island relax the best choice

In addition to the city tour I also love island travel!

The island of choice is khao lak Khao Lak Island,

Is a beautiful island about an hour’s drive from Phuket.

This is our stay is Sarojin pool residence

I personally feel that Sarojin’s lighting design is unique, so that the day and night show a different mood!

Quite suitable for couples and couples stay.

Although the hotel room does not have a private beach,

But personally think that their strength lies in the lighting design, as well as the atmosphere to create the day and night Sarojin is completely different from the world

Do not know what is the definition of your holiday,

But for me,

Choose a favorite island, away from the hubbub, crowd, slow down the pace

Whether you have a bistro at the beach bar at sunset or enjoy a meal at the restaurant

Or lazy lying in the pool filled with bubbles and rose petals in a daze (Rose petals are my own from Taiwan, lol)

Or, enjoy a spa that relaxes the body and mind thoroughly

The usual annoyance with trivial things behind, venting thoughts, slow live charge

I am sure that Khao lak is definitely a favorite vacation

Do not you know whether you are also traveling like an island?

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