The world’s second largest ocean theme park: Sea World Orlando

Sea World Orlando is second only to SeaWorld Adventure Park San Diego’s second largest ocean theme park in the world, with a variety of marine animals such as dolphins, walrus, sea lions famous for the world, which weighs 2 tons of killer whale’s special performance Is one of the most worthy items to watch. However, the marine world is definitely not just to see the animal exhibition or tame beast show place, there is also a magical man and the natural stage, each program is given a lot of imagination, people close contact with the marine animals close contact, Also be given a deeper connotation, to convey to the world more love the dream of the earth. Orlando Sea World offers a lot of large marine biology shows, dolphins, sea lions, seals, walruses, sharks and whales will be unveiled in the program, which is the killer whale show and the cetacean theater.

Image result for Seaworld OrlandoImage result for Seaworld Orlando

The world’s most famous show is “Believe Trust” Shamu show, only three games a day, starred in 27 killer whales (scientific name is called “killer whale”, also known as “killer whale”, the killer nickname is by English “Killer Whale” translation). I really do not understand why English, so lovely whales will have such a terrorist name “Killer”, and perhaps for this reason, the trainers gave them another name: Shamu (Shamu). Shamu body only black and white and white, very beautiful, in fact, it and dolphins are close relatives, they have a good hearing, but almost no vision, but also completely not fierce, but is lovely.Image result for Seaworld OrlandoImage result for Seaworld Orlando

Orlando Sea World Ticket Price: $ 79

Orlando Ocean World Opening hours: 9: 00-19: 00 (the specific opening hours will be fine with the date of adjustment)

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