Maritimes that make the rest of Canada jealous

Reference to Canada, we think of the key words are: Maple Leaf, Niagara Falls, Vancouver, Toronto. Those who are familiar with North America probably also know the French style of Montreal and Quebec, the northern Aurora, Banff, Icefield Avenue. And I want to recommend for everyone, is located in Canada’s easternmost three provinces, they are adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean, often referred to as the three maritime Maritimes.

Canada is adjacent to the three provinces of the Atlantic Ocean The Maritimes: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island!

These three provinces are the smallest in Canada, the natural environment is beautiful, the economy is mainly fisheries and tourism. The largest city in the province is Halifax, and Canada is the only one in the Atlantic Ocean.

Nova Scotia: mainland China called Nova Scotia, is the second smallest province. The northern part of the province is the Bretton Cape Island, the eastern part of the island of Sebel, which is a no one settled and will own “walk” island, an area of ​​about eighty square kilometers, is the world’s most dangerous “shipwreck island” The
According to the December 2007 statistics, the local population of 903,090 people, is the largest of the three eastern coastal provinces. The capital of Nova Scotia is Halifax, the economic and cultural center of the area.

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New Brunswick, New Brunswick is located in St. Lawrence Bay, is part of the French Arcadia. The capital of Fredericton, the largest city for St. John
Federal Bridge The Confederation Bridge is a concrete box girder bridge between 12.9 km east of Canada’s east coast and between Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. The bridge is part of the crosshill road that runs through Canada and takes about 10 minutes to cross the bridge.Image result for Maritimes CanadaImage result for Maritimes Canada

Prince Edward Island, referred to as PEI, Prince Edward Island Province, contains the same name as the island and the surrounding islands, the coastal population (135,851 people, 2006 statistics) and area (5,683.91 square kilometers, 2006 Statistics) are the least, but it has the highest population density in the country, reaching 24.47 people per square kilometer. In addition, the island is the world’s top 104 (23rd place). The capital is Charlottetown. Lucy M. Montgomery, a well-known Canadian woman writer, is one of the celebrities born on Prince Edward Island. Her famous “Anneof The Green Gables” is based on her hometown of Edward Prince island as story background!maritimes

Travel features:
Visit Moncton (Good Hope Rock, Magnetic Mountain), St. John (Countercurrent Waterfall).

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