Sydney, Australia Travel Notes

Sydney travels 10 things to keep in mind that Sydney is like a city of God’s favor, because he gives Sydney a unique natural environment. Is a place worth traveling.

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Sydney’s best travel time

1. Sydney’s best travel time is between October and April. December to the following year is the summer of Sydney, March to May is the fall, June to August is the winter, September to November is the spring.

2. Sydney is located in the temperate zone, the annual climate is pleasant, more than 340 sunny days a year, the winter will not be too cold, any season to travel is very good. October to next year in April air humid, climate is appropriate, is the best time for outdoor activities.

Sydney travel tips

1. There are two tourist centers in Sydney, which provide comprehensive information consultation services to visitors in the Rocks and Darling Harbor.

2. The center of the rock is located at the corner of Argyle Street and Playfair Street. The center of Darling Harbor is between CockleBay Wharf and Harborside. It is open every day from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. Friday and Christmas are closed and public holidays are open. There is adjustment.

Tel: 61 2-92408788

Free local hotline: 1800-067676

To the Sydney travel season dress attentions

1, to the Australian tropical zone, all year round can wear thin clothing, but should carry a sweater or jacket, to prevent cooler at night.

2, winter (June – August) to wear a sweater, jacket, light jacket or warm clothes.

3, Australians usually dress simple, but in special occasions such as business meetings, theaters and restaurants, the best men wear jackets, ties or suits, ladies are required to wear a little dignified clothing. In most of the time, you can wear comfortable and light clothing.

Sydney Travel Essentials

Documents: passport, ID card, a copy of documents and 2-inch documents according to 2 (to facilitate the re-submit when the documents).

Sydney Travel Guide:
In Australia, there are flights from Sydney to Darwin, Perth, Melbourne, Cairns and Gold Coast.

Kingsford Smith Airport

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The airport is located about 10 km south of the city center, the airport air station is divided into international and domestic lines, two terminals have bus connection.

1, airport bus Sydney Airport Express

From the airport to the city you can take the airport bus, Route 300 can reach the city center ring pier, rock area and other places; Route 350 can reach Kings Cross area, are every 20 minutes; another airport direct to the central station Central Railway Station Route every 10 minutes. Fare 7-8 Australian dollars.

2, Airport Express Airport Link

This line can reach the main attractions of the city center, with city hall station, ring pier, museum, central station and other sites. From the international terminal to the central station, with about 12 minutes, the fare is 15.8 Australian dollars.

3, a taxi

From the city center taxi to the airport 35-45 Australian dollars, driving 15-25 minutes.

4, by car

There are companies that provide car rental services near the airport and the bus station. The car rental procedure is simple. If you want to travel by car in Sydney, you can take a car directly.

Sydney Travel Accommodations Raiders

Sydney is Australia’s famous tourist city, is also a lot of tourists to Australia to stay the ideal site, so there are a variety of accommodation options. From low-cost backpackers to luxury five-star accommodation are free to choose.

Compared with other cosmopolitan cities, Sydney’s house prices are very cheap, in general, the market price is 30% higher than the actual housing prices, Sydney, a five-star hotel house prices average price of 185 Australian dollars, and a three-star The price of the hotel is about $ 90.

Sydney’s main hotel area is concentrated in the rocky area, the city center or near the cross area, the price of luxury room 240-550 Australian dollars, medium hotel price of 95-170 Australian dollars, the price of the economy room in the 55-90 Australian dollars from top to bottom. In contrast, housing prices in Sydney suburbs coincided with a surge in the weekend, especially hunting canyons and blue mountains.

Australia is safe for the family, the beautiful scenery, the warm people, loved by many people, every year the tourists are increasing, so you must book your hotel in advance. If it is to stay a few days, it is best to find out from the various places to play the appropriate and comfortable hotel. If you only live a day or two, it does not matter, go out to travel the main evening rest enough. The hotel is recommended to use a good clever net, this site is a hotel parity search site, better than the foreign hotel tools to find, but also more suitable for people, can search real time cheap hotels, hotels and attractions at a glance. In determining the itinerary after booking the hotel with special time, do not look at the cumbersome Raiders information and travel, because the information provided by the good network itself is very full.

daily supplies:

1, razor, skin care products, cosmetics, sun hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, umbrella, watch, pen, small book, please see their own need to carry

2, the Australian hotel generally do not provide disposable towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo hair care, need to bring their own

Cash and bank cards:

1, you need to be converted to Australian dollars before going abroad. Please call the major bank customer service call, please be sure to exchange early

2, Australia shopping, large stores can be more than CUP standard card, MasterCard, VISA card, it is recommended that you deposit money into the card. The various banks, the various card situation is different, how to use the bank card in Australia, please contact the issuing bank

3, refer to the exchange rate (subject to bank real-time quota)

Electronic appliances:

1, camera, camera, battery, charger, memory card, etc. Please carry well

2, your phone can use in Australia Please call the phone before the phone manufacturers to confirm the mobile phone system. Whether your number can be used in Australia, how to use and tariff questions please contact the operator

3, Australia’s outlet for the three-hole socket, the hotel front desk is generally available, but the limited number, it is recommended that you advance in the domestic large supermarkets, online e-mall to buy the Australian standard plug converter


1, please bring good standing drugs, such as cold medicine, anti-inflammatory drugs, gastrointestinal medicine, painkillers and Band-Aid, Feng Jingjing,

2, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and other symptoms and history, be sure to carry spare drugs

Sydney tourism experience

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1. climb the Sydney Bridge

Every day, regardless of dawn, dusk or night, there is a corresponding period of time to climb the vertex of the world-famous large-span bridge, with a different perspective overlooking Sydney. Climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge has become a traditional tour of the project, each climb bridge can also get a free photo and a certificate.

2. riding a horse

Riding a parade is in the jungle alone in control of horses, experience in the nature of the cozy ride, riding a horse, the tour guide will take into the corresponding area, you can fully enjoy the individual riding stimulus. You can also see all kinds of animals and birds in Australia while riding in the surrounding woods or riding in the Australian rainforest. Need to prepare the items are trousers, shoes, sleeves T-Shirt, preferably with a good sunscreen, sunglasses and stockings.

3. Sea sports

Visit the Sydney Bay, take a sailboat, cruise ship, take WaterTaxi and drive, take a seaplane, take off at RoseBay, take a tour of Sydney’s coastline, overlooking the Bondi Beach, the Opera House, Sydney Bridge, etc. mean. The cost is based on the flight time and itinerary, the general flight time is 15 to 30 minutes. If you are more like to stimulate, then you may wish to take a boat tour Sydney Bay, wind and waves, maneuver, exciting.


Sydney tourism experience folk customs

1. Sydney Carnival

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The Sydney Festival in January is a month of major festivals in Sydney. There is a series of drama, art, music and outdoor sports. Do not miss any free concerts in the area. The celebration of the Sydney Festival reached its highest point on January 26th. On the day of the Australian National Day, the city was filled with joy and celebrations. There were plenty of games to play and there was a bigger fireworks show at night.

2. Sydney Writer’s Day

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Congratulations to Sydney’s literary achievements.

3. Sydney Film Festival

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June in the state theater and other cinemas held a 14 day movie carnival.

4. Manley Jazz Festival

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The early October Labor Day held a weekend, there are a lot of jazz performances, most free of charge.

5. Seaside sculpture exhibition

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In mid-November, the walk from Bondi Beach to Bront Beach became an outdoor sculpture exhibition.

6. Sydney to the Hobart Regatta

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Sydney’s Hobart Yacht is the starting point for one of the world’s greatest yacht tournaments, held on December 26th.

7. Water roaming

Take a yacht, or take a kayak from the Rose Bay, passing by the Sydney Opera House. Take a sightseeing cruise ride from the Circular Quay or Darling Harbor via the Waterfront Villas, National Park and Shark Island, Clark Island, Rhode Island and Goat Island to savor the scenery along the way.

8. Ocean wandering

Along the sea erosion of the gravel cliffs, from Bondi beach meandering to the Kuche beach, all the way to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Pacific Ocean.

9. Sydney Festival

The Sydney Arts Festival enriches the nightlife of the city, making Sydney a huge canvas, full of beautiful lights, nice music and a variety of endless imagination. With the creativity and inspiration of the city, the Sydney Festival focuses on the popular Sydney Opera House Show, as well as local and international artists at the Opera House. (18 days of activities to bring together a variety of creative forms, business experts, generations of families and travelers, in the warm winter of Sydney, where the world’s leading creative thinkers are open to lectures and debates. Intertwined with this really spectacular show.

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