Hungary – Pearl on the Danube

Speaking of Hungary, many people’s first impression may be watching the movie “Sissi Princess” left a deep memory. Although the beautiful Sissi is the Queen of Austria, but she is more time to stay in Hungary, in the ancient estate of Gedler read Heine’s poem; his own private territory selected in the north shore of Lake Balaton; Especially in the opera house in Budapest; enjoy the opera on the banks of the Danube … … Hungary deeply attracted the elegant and generous legend – Sissi princess. And today, Hungary is no longer a strange country for us to imagine, we will walk into it, close feeling it’s shine.

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The capital of Budapest is known as the “Pearl of the Danube”, it has a world-famous opera, immortal historical buildings, as well as the Danube from slowly flowing. In the charming Eger Valley, enjoy the Hungarian wines and watch the stunning ancient castles and baroque architecture. At the southern end of the city of Peci feel the breath of the Mediterranean city, explore the 16th century mosque and other Turkish landscapes. Lake Balaton, the Hungarians will not hesitate to recommend this to you is the most fun place in Hungary, the blue waters and the rich water and the fall of the lake when the fall of a string of purple grapes vines, The whole Balaton Lake and the Tijuan Peninsula dressed quiet and beautiful, beautiful scenery.

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Hungary in addition to a long history and beautiful scenery, there is the same resources can be described as unique charm, that is, the country’s rich hot spring resources. Although in the Hungarian territory you can not find any ocean, but in its underground “hot spring” reputation, which shows its rich hot spring resources. You can in the temperature below zero in the winter, take off their clothes, swimsuits, leisurely soak in the outdoor hot springs, snowflakes around you shine. Or to the old-fashioned bathing disco, where all the people are wearing swimsuit in the waist of the water to dance. You can also in Europe’s largest hot spring side of the leisurely chess side of the comfortable hot springs.

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