Maldives, can not miss the paradise on earth

Maldives is located near the equator, is a clear tropical rain forest climate, hot all year round, damp, rainy, no season No hurricane, tornado, (feel a lot of safety !!) Occasionally there is a storm. Annual precipitation of 1900 mm, the annual average temperature of 28 ℃. Every year from March to April the highest temperature, can reach 32 ° C. December the coolest, February the most dry, we must arrange a reasonable travel time

Language : The official language is Di Weixi, General English.

Maldives has become a world-renowned tourist resort, not only has a beautiful island scenery and well-equipped resort hotel, where everyone has a high degree of environmental awareness. The local government has also enacted strict environmental laws.

1. It is strictly forbidden to fish, pick or trample coral on the island, and a fine of up to $ 5,000;

2. It is forbidden to cook in the hotel room, the fine of up to 5,000 yuan. ;

3. Do not make noise on the island, noisy, do not throw garbage, to ensure that the natural environment of the beautiful, quiet.

The Maldives currency is Rufiya, also known as the Maldives rupee. General hotels to use the dollar-based, most of the resort islands are accepted by the credit card. Capital Male is both. Visitors are best to carry some small denomination of dollars, easy to use. The local currency (Ruffia) rupee and the dollar exchange rate is about $ 1 = 12 rupees.

Remember, good goods are not cheap, cheap no good goods this idea. Ma from 3 Star Island to 7 Star Island has hundreds of islands, the price is also a lot different, so first do their own budget work. The budget determines the level of the island. Different islands to see the scenery and enjoy the services are not the same. But no matter which island to go, their scenery is unique, it is recommended or the ability to do, who do not want to travel for a bankruptcy, local tyrants at random, please an island one by one island play one by one.

Under normal circumstances, the sand house will be larger than the water house, the price is relatively cheap. Water house can experience live in the water, you can directly under the sea snorkeling experience. But some islands do not have water house, when the need to understand the specific needs of the next. I personally will be more like some of the sand house, down to earth feeling will make me more sense of security. And can choose the level, live near the beach, nothing can also be in the yard outside the bath to see the sea. perfect!


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