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The Czech Republic is a capitalist country in Central Europe, the economy is very developed, the forest resources are very rich, making the air here is very good, is a tourist resort leisure resort, every year to attract a large number of visitors to play here. Of course, in the process of playing, people not only enjoy the beauty, but also choose some local specialty products brought back to their own family to share. Czech specialty products are very numerous, Czech beeswax, puppets, crystal products, painted eggs, etc. are very good tourist souvenirs, hope that friends can choose according to their different groups of different gifts.

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Czech characteristics with a variety of specialty recommended Czech Republic, a wide range of dazzling, visitors will make it difficult to make a choice, then today to introduce a very unique characteristics of the Czech Republic with gifts to friends, I believe that all the puppets are Children’s favorite, and the black mole is the local very unique cartoon characters, black belly big eyes, very cute, different sizes, the price is different, but each is expensive.

Czech specialties Top3 recommended crystal, the Czech world famous crystal, exquisite workmanship, handsome in appearance, crystal clear, so that visitors will see it will not put it down, and they not only have ornamental value, and there are practical value, like crystal products Vases, wine and candlesticks lamps and so on. Tourists can go to the tourist area of the crystal store to buy, you can also bargain with each other. Czech puppet, in the streets of the Czech Republic we can see large and small puppets of all kinds, really called the puppet kingdom, a puppet lifelike, different shapes, mix, is well received by all ages souvenirs. Czech wine, if a friend is to the elderly, with a gift, then recommend a friend to buy Czech wine, the stomach has an excellent effect, I believe old friends will love.

Czech puppet

From the beginning of the 16th century, the puppet show was a popular entertainment in the Czech Republic, culminating in the 17th and 18th centuries, and even the famous musician of the Czech Republic, Simatman, wrote two scripts for the puppet show, Under the communist rule, the puppet show was still regarded as a state-level literary activity and was not banned. Czech puppet show is currently ranked first in the world, Prague and Phelson have a special theater performances. At the end of the Charles Bridge near the old town square, there is a puppet store next to the pagoda, a variety of dressed in traditional Czech garments, court royal clothing puppets gathered together, of course, the famous Tang Qiao Fanni and Pinocchio Pinocchio There is a Pohadka on the 34th Ciridna Street, and there are many puppets to choose from.

Bechlovka wine

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The Mexican Green Wine Bottle is the most representative souvenir of the Czech Republic, and is named after David Beech. David Beech is the 18th century doctor of the most contribution to Karlovy Vary, he first proposed to promote drinking hot spring water to take a walk to treat the concept of disease, and scientific analysis, making Carlo Fifei become the first time in Eastern Europe, hot spring Township The
Since its inception in 1807, the Bechlovka wine has been known as the 13th hot spring of Carlovelfeld, a secret recipe for the British physician friend Frobrig of David Beech, claiming to contain more than 20 special recipes At the beginning of the twentieth century, a Bechevov card of the Austrian lovers, but also every month tirelessly from Karlovy Vary delivery of wine in the past, a hangover.

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