Melbourne special tourist attractions

Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city, referred to as Mexico City, is the capital of Victoria, one of the world’s leading metropolis, the entire Greater Melbourne area of ​​8831 square kilometers, population 4.8 million, urban green area of ​​more than 40% Has been rated by the UN-HABITAT as the most suitable for human habitation in the city, which in 2011, 2012, 2013 rating topped the list.

1851 to 1860, due to the discovery of a large number of gold near Melbourne, gold rush so that the surge in population, Melbourne quickly became the British Empire and even the world’s rare bustling city, and thus get the “New Jinshan” another name, 1901 to 1927 Year, Melbourne was the capital of Australia. Today Melbourne has a reputation as a “cultural capital of Australia”, a center of culture and industry in Australia, and Melbourne is also a fashion capital, leading the whole of the world in apparel, arts, music, television production, film, dance In the world also have a place. Melbourne is the first in the southern hemisphere to host the Summer Olympic Games, the annual Australian Open, F1 racing in Australia, the world-renowned international tournament Melbourne Cup are held in Melbourne. Melbourne is a temperate maritime climate, no cold winter, summer without heat, pleasant weather, the city is lush, beautiful environment, beautiful scenery, is considered the most Western Australian city, the southern hemisphere “London” said.

Great Ocean Road
Important thing to say three times! must go! must go! must go! Great Ocean Road Coast is one of the best places in the world. There are tranquil bays, surfing beaches, tropical rainforests, caves and vents, and world-famous attractions – the peculiar natural pillars of the “Twelve Apostles” stand in the ocean, but because of the erosion of the waves, the twelve apostles have fallen , The future will continue to reduce, so it is definitely “limited edition” beauty! Great Ocean Road, the total length of 250 km, the route can also watch the historic seabed sunken vessels and a variety of wild animals, driving in the meandering coastal road absolutely have a big feeling!
Address: Great Ocean Road began in the coastal city of Girona, 75 kilometers away from Melbourne, only in Portland.
Tickets: free.
Transportation: you can choose to participate in travel agency day trip project, you can also car rental by car.
Royal Botanic Gardens
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The Royal Melbourne Botanic Gardens, built in 1845, is about 40 hectares and has been one of the best botanical gardens in the world for some architecture and style of the last century. The flowers planted in the garden are rare foreign treasures and local Australian plants, bringing together more than 12,000 species and more than 30,000 plants and flowers from around the world. Do not be boring because it is a botanical garden, where the scenery and plants can definitely make you eye-catching the magic of nature!
Address: South Ariana Bird Forest Avenue, about five kilometers south of the city center
Tickets: free.
Opening hours: open all day.
Transportation: In the city center by 3,6,8,16,67 road tram, 15 minutes to.
联邦广场(Federation Square)
Federation Square combines advanced avant-garde architectural design, its unique design has won the 1997 London Leibo architectural design award. The Federal Place connects the central business district with the rivers of the center of Melbourne, blending arts, activities, leisure, sightseeing and open-air venues. It is the location of the National Gallery of Victoria and the first public museum in the world with the theme of Australian art. Here perennial there are a variety of street performers, find a cup of coffee in the afternoon to see the street artist’s performance, the sun, it is better.
Address: Flinders Street Railway Station opposite.
Tickets: free.
Transportation: City center is within walking distance.
Flinders Street Station


Flinders Street Station is one of the largest and busiest railway stations in Melbourne’s four railway stations, the Victorian building and the first train station in Melbourne. It is directly opposite the federal square, next to the church of St. Paul, here is the Melbourne meeting to meet the target location. Whenever the night, the building outside the dim light lit, the Flanders Street station to show the Victoria building another classical gorgeous spectacular style, in any case at night to Flinders Street station to experience its different from the day The scenery.

Address: 207 – 361 Flinders Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia
Transportation: Take any trams along Swanston Street or Flinders Street
Fare: free
St Paul’s Cathedral Station

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St. Paul’s Cathedral is just across from the Flinders Street train station. This magnificent church was built in 1891 and is one of the earliest British churches in Melbourne and one of Melbourne’s most famous landmarks. The cathedral is made of bluestone and the walls have fine lines. In 1932, the church added three minarets, making it look more majestic. Under the tall roof, glaze burning tiles and logs and chairs look rustic and atmospheric, you can also see a lot of exquisite gorgeous carving. Here every glass doors and windows are painted, telling a different story of the Bible, many details are worth slowly taste.
Transportation: Take the train to Flinders Street train station
Tickets: Free opening of the church, the need to purchase a $ 5 permit.
Phillip Island
20161220_175554_018 20161220_175554_019
For the citizens of Melbourne, Phillip Island is a beach resort for activities such as surfing, sailing, fishing, water skiing and other activities. The summer beach near the southwest of the Nobis Cape is the protected area of the elf penguin. The world’s smallest penguins, height of only 30 cm, whenever sunset, you can see penguins flocking from the sea one after another, because they are petite, arranged together to swing, is very interesting.
Address: southeastern Melbourne.
Tickets: free.
Opening hours: watching penguin time 18: 30 ~ 20: 00 (May – September), 19:30 ~ 21:30 (October to April)
Transportation: You can participate in the day tour of Philip Island in Melbourne, about 2 hours by car.
Tips: to watch the young penguins homing time, we must remember not take pictures. Because the light generated when the camera on the impact of small penguins is very large, please cherish the fragile and lovely little penguin it!
St Kilda
St Kilda is a seaside city in Melbourne’s inner south district, only 7 km from Melbourne. Due to the location of the relationship between the early St. Kilda has become Melbourne’s seaside resort, many overseas tourists are attracted to, St. Kilda also quietly became the world’s tourism coastal city.
Tickets: free.
Opening hours: open all day.
Transportation: 16 Road, 96 Road, 112 tram (about 25 minutes) can be reached
Tips: Every Sunday, is the time to hold the holy Kilda area art holiday market, along the playground Luna Park long coast, along the way will be filled with silver, pottery, books and home goods stalls , Are the local residents of handmade products, must not miss.
Melbourne Zoo



It is not an ordinary zoo, it wood has a fence! Wood with guardrail! Wood with guardrail! In the natural environment directly stocked with more than 350 kinds of wild animals. The zoo can be seen and intimate with Australian-specific animals, including koalas, kangaroos, platypus, penguins and seals. There is also a free volunteer tour guide for each visitor

Tickets: $ 30 for adults
Opening hours: 9: 00-17: 00
Arrival: Take the 505 bus at Moonee Ponds and get off at Melbourne Zoo

Yarra Valley


The Yarra Valley is only 40 km from Melbourne. The Yarra Valley is famous for its wines, and from 1838 it has been planted with wine and wine. Now there are 3800 hectares of vineyards and 85 wineries. If you are interested in wine, be sure to come here and look at the production line. Go back on a few bottles.
Address: 48 kilometers east of Melbourne.
Tickets: free.
Transportation: travel agencies will have a special day tour of the winery chain, but also by car to go.
Sovereign Hill


In the town of Xie Fen Shan you can feel the time back, experience the Australian passion burning gold rush era. This award-winning outdoor museum is located on the previous gold rush site, in a lot of details to reproduce the 1850s lively and lively scenes of life. Here, there are too many you can do and you can see, let you linger.
Address: Barramat, located 90 minutes drive from Melbourne.
Transportation: can participate in travel agency day trip project, but also car rental to.

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