West US Los Angeles San Francisco Las Vegas Three City tour classic line

Western Gold Rush – San Francisco
Recommended reason: 1848 California gold rush to make a humble little fishing village turned into a skyscrapers stands the metropolis. Despite the devastating earthquake of 1906, the rapid and efficient reconstruction of the city restored the youth of the past. San Francisco has always been associated with anti-traditional, late 20th century is anti-cultural pioneer, this century is Art Deco, The birth of the Grateful Dead, online communication business center. I am always in the bay of the city is no lack of colorful.

San Francisco, is also familiar with the “three times”, although the area of ​​less than 50 square miles, but it is one of the world’s greatest cities. The magnificent Victorian home, the historic tram, the towering red bridge, the fusion of modern and classical fine streets, the beautiful waterfront, people yearn for. From the Michelin star restaurant to the street flourishing street, San Francisco leads the trend of food and beverage; world-renowned symphony, ballet, theater and colorful outdoor activities, making it a well-deserved American must go to the land!

Travel: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, South Canyon / West Canyon, San Francisco, Fisherman’s Wharf, Monterey Bay, Yosemite, Disney / Santiago, Universal Studios (excluding theme park tickets)

Recommended reason: the most classic Los Angeles from, North Canada on the 1st highway, San Francisco weekend or short-distance travel products. The essence of the most beautiful California-1 highway – California 17 miles, San Francisco depth city tour, optional event, to Disney, Universal Studios or Santiago, as well as National Park

City of Angels – Los Angeles
Recommended reason: Los Angeles in Spanish has a “city of angels” means. Los Angeles is a vibrant and dynamic city that represents a wide range of cultures and arts. Although there are world-famous Hollywood Universal Studios, printed with a lot of star print star Avenue, full of joy the world’s first Disney and Universal Studios, Beverly Hills is a wealth of fame and fortune representatives and symbols, Of young people and no longer young young people are eating hot dogs, drinking Coke, chasing movies, embrace the sun and the sea.

The City of Sin – Las Vegas
Recommended reason: Las Vegas Las Vegas name is the Spaniards, meaning “fertile valley”, because it is the only desert around the oasis of spring. But why would it be called Sin City, Sin City? Because in this diverse city, you can enjoy the world’s most unique hotel, at the international level of the buffet restaurant, enjoy the world’s most popular performances, or 50 years has been known as the world’s most popular One of the wedding destinations. Vegas, when there is nothing, go when the world!

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