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Cowboy source
18 to the 19th century, the United States, the eastern part of the expansion, a large number of brave developers come to the vast western, open up the land. In the long and arduous journey, they take the herd as a companion, to cattle for a living, with smart, heroic, calm, calm, to cope with the way of all kinds of unexpected events and risks. They are the history of the United States before the most heroic character – cowboy.

Speaking of the western cowboy, we have a lot of fantasy, Mexican-style high-top hat, twisted sleeve tight jeans, or hand-held lasso, riding a fast horse thunder and shadow, but the former history of the cowboy is not Only handsome side, they not only surrender cattle, but also to deal with harsh environments, denim clothing is their necessary to surrender the western equipment. But perhaps many people do not know, in addition to cowboy dress, they have a right assistant, that is the pickup!

In the 20th century, 20 years, on the one hand, the traditional cowboy has now laid the foundation for the country’s economic and trade, on the other hand, after the First World War Americans began to know how to do business with the world cooperation. Therefore, the United States built the most rapid era, and their heroic the most intense era both come. That is, in such an air, the pickup model came into being.

Now the pickup is not only lively in the fields and pastures, in the United States on the streets of the city can also see its presence everywhere, the pickup has now become the United States hand thorns, modern cowboy civilization signs, today we will control the pickup, to explore the prevalence of international cowboy civilization The

Cowboy dressed pedestrians, cowboy utensils shops, western style town, here is the most famous cowboy town in Texas, it is considered the origin of the western United States, and we live in the stock Yards (animal history Protected areas) is an infinite livestock market in the 19th century.

Worthberg Cowboy town is now a hundred years ago, where we met with a cowboy Kristin in the prehistoric protected area of the Fortress Cowboys, and she will take a look at the famous cowboy small town.

We are now the location of the former history of Fort Worth fortress of the livestock paddock, we spent a lot of effort to adhere to its original appearance, adhere to the original stock of the paddock. This building was built in 1903, has been more than 100 years ago history, is the livestock trading center, in the region the most glorious time, here is always bustling, we see it as the western Wall Street.


18-19 century opened to the west of the Americans evolved into cowboy image, and the prevalence of beef cattle inseparable. In the late 19th century, Texas had 50 million cattle, the largest state of cattle in the United States. From the beginning of the 1860s, the Texans drove many cattle from the north to the railroads of Kansas and then sold them to the United States, and there were special “cattle towns”, and Fort Worth was the most important stop.

The cattle and modern beef cattle are very different from each other. The most notable feature is the long horns, so they are also known as longhorns. Their ancestors were the cattle of the Spanish from the Atlantic at the end of the 15th century and the beginning of the 16th century. In the 500 years of history, the Texas Longhorn evolved into a unique breed.

These small huts is the past gesture of Fort Worth, livestock vendors stopped along the way to rest, they come to the town to find some supplies to sell livestock.

In the long horns cattle rearing, the former history of the site, retro cowboy clothing, all people like a ghost, where the work of the cowboy and even keep the way in the cowboy operation.

In the work of the cowboy, the rope is a very important operation. When the mountains over the mountains of the cowboy alone in the war alone thousands of long-angle cattle, once the cattle out of the team or fled the situation, the most convenient and safe way is to throw out a good rope to trap them, back to the troops.

Every day at noon, the cowboy will slowly drive out the cattle, a special play, in the cowboy town, is still inherited the traditional cowboy, here is still the main beef cattle trading point, but the logistics industry is now No need to cowboy cattle. But every afternoon, the town will have a grand herd party.

The herd party

Escort large cattle herdsmen to the division of labor, perform their duties. The most experienced people as commander, a correspondent, before and after as a transmission of audio. There are other “ride”, around the sensitive patrol, “wing ride” in the troops two trek, “tail riding” behind the temple, specializing in calves, sick cattle and lazy cattle.

Cowboy town in addition to catch cattle show so great impact of the play, but also preserved the history of the cowboy mark, tells the old cowboy town of glory.

The same time as

In the sixties of the nineteenth century, the supply of beef from the United States came from the west. The cattle are over the mountains, crossing the state, and of course the need for people to lead, watch, and thousands of young people flocking to find jobs in the grass. They are young men in the Midwest farms, looking for adventurous Britons, the East wants to separate from the parents of independent young people, they are the beginning of the Western cowboy collective origin. After everyone called “horse on the hero”.

The prevalence of cowboy is the age of the product, to the late 19th century, the United States increasingly prosperous transport, cowboy gradually fade out of everyone’s horizons. But until now, the cowboy image is still the hearts of the Americans to open up the spirit of the totem, is still the echo of heroism.


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