To win in the Great Blue Slot Game, players would need to accumulate winning symbols in at least three of them by spinning the reels.

Players are given choice to choose from 25 line choose and from the lowest RM0.01 per line bet to the highest RM10 per line bet which will total up to RM250 per spin. There is also a Pay line button in the game UI, each click on the button will trigger a line choose for the pay lines, and at the maximum of 25 lines, the next click on it will return the value to the 1st line. Players can also choose the total pay line by clicking on the numbers at the side of the slot game. Keep in mind that if you choose the higher number on the pay line, it automatically triggers the the lower pay lines also.

Total betting amount is line bet multiply by total pay line.

Pressing the spin button will use the line bets and total pay lines that you have choose right now. If the player will be lucky enough to stack 3 and above symbols in the specific line, it will also end in a payout from the lowest x10 to highest 5 stack of great blue which was x10000 the highest.

This game is also counted as one of the most high payout game in some of the players region and also depending on their luck, players may have a chance to win a fortune from the line pays to the free game, which was consider as one of the best free game in some of the platforms. Players will not be having a hard time trying to get a  free game out of the Great Blue Slot Game. Due to the high payout and high chance of getting a free game. There have been reporting in by several different region players that said to have get a big win from the Slot Game.

At here, we would as well say that the slot game itself is meeting up with many players demands for the high winning rate. you may also find this game in our Trust able Online Casino TONY888.

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