Different ways to win Great Blue Slot Game – SCR888

Great blue slot game may be one of the most popular slot game in the mid 2015 to early 2016, due to the high active bonus system that allows our player to get nearly a free game in every 20~30 spins if you are lucky enough.

Many of the big winners in the Great Blue Slot game has told us a very logical solution on the slot game playing which was by calculating the rate of the free game of every system, and play it all with the lines selection. Great blue itself is a very typical slot game overall, i can say without a free game multiplier, you would probably unable to get a win that will reach four numbers with the standard of a 1.25 total bet.

After analyzing the rate of getting a free game, can choose when to deduct the total line selection in order to save around 30~65% of their betting amount some may even take a 1 line bet until they had the feel that they are now going to have a free game. Example, that if your meet a company that will provide you 1 free game in 30 spins, your estimation percentage of having a free game is  roughly 3.5% in that game, you can do your own calculation. You may as well get a result of 1/2 chance to get a free game after 15 spins, and you may now raise your bet and open the full line selection.

Frankly speaking that this is all just a calculation, be your own ripley and believe it or not. This is not a 100% correct formula as the machine is not to be uncoded by only basic mathematic calculations, you would need to have super computer in order to totally access this kind of answers. This is only a basic way to win the Slot games as if your playing to win a fortune and not just sway some free time.

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