There are up to few thousand types of different slot game in this market right now. Every there are still developers that release a new game every once in a while. There are still games out in the market right now that will still have a pool of loyal players that would stick on to it. Talking about new slot games that was released in this year of 2016, the most popular would be the Gold Rally Slot game.

If we are taking about popularity, this game definitely should not be compared to games like Great Blue, Dolphin Reef or any other games which was a big love of most Malaysia Online Casino players. It would be better compared to games like, Honey Bear, Lucky Shot, or maybe the infamous Highway King Slot Game.

This Game was introduced with a 3 x 3 Grid type slot game, which was not so popular for most of the players, the game itself was not having a great payout rate due to the lack of slots in the position that in most slot game, allows higher multiplier as you stack the same symbols. As i said earlier, the game was just having a 3 x 3 slot which allows only up to 3 maximum stacks and if you check out the payout table, the highest multiplier would only be x3000 which need you to stack three of the Main Icon of the game respectively to win this payout.

Many of the new players would choose to give up on the first 10 spins and maybe lower to the first try of the game. To be honest, if you are asking a game that give you more types of payout you should choose the Highway Kings, and if you are looking for a game to win a fortune by free game spins with multipliers, you should as well choose the Great Blue slot game. But what makes this game to be able to accumulate its own loyal players? Well, Lets talk about normally how most of out players will try to play a slot game. First, you would need to have a start a computer or your smart phone and lets just skip most of the part and straight to where you would click or touch on a game and enter to a loading screen. Most of the time when our players are going to try on a new game, the first thing would be clicking into the payout table to see whether you are lucky enough to get on the big icons, which was a smart move, instead of yelling to the screen 90% of the time and get fooled by the shiny icons that actually have the lowest payout rates to be showed to be full on your screen. But only 10% of the players would be chasing a jackpot game in the Online Casino, you would do that on Genting Casino where the Jackpot numbers are always showed up on the Big Screen on top of every Slot Machines.

Yes, and we are talking about Grand Jackpot that will have a pool as big as 1 million Malaysian Ringgit everyday!! Join us now in TONY888 and stand a chance to be the lucky jackpot winner.

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