Following up by different kiosks such as 12win, newtown, scr888, and different kiosk that has been introduced to our players, we are now also recommending a news game service provider, Leocity88. This slot game provider are well-known to be having high jackpot dropping rate, we have been getting incoming reports of even a jackpot as high as RM1,600,000++ has just been located in one of our company, congratulations to the customer that win it by the way.

The provider was actually founded in 2012 by two nobleman that decide one day to create their own company out of so many different companies. They then have a contact with the playtech company to discuss about a new website supporting with better payout rates and also higher jackpot counts. As soon as we speak right here, we know that most of the progressive slot game inside Leocity88 has been accumulated up to the lowest RM500,000 jackpot amount and the highest even reached RM3,000,000.

Reports even show just by the end of this month, we have been getting about 3-4 jackpot drops all around the area, from the lowest RM1,000,000 and above. Talking about true difference of the game provider itself, things will be quite similar to the 12win if you only look at the interface itself. But the true difference lies in side of the paying rate and higher chance to win a free game, not to mention about the jackpot dropping rate. This the ever first game provider you would like to try out if your a beginner at the Malaysia Online Casino.

We have done some of the the comparison from last year until January of 2016, it seems instead of just copying the games and giving a higher winning rate. the provider has also begin to start adding in different games for their customers. Who wouldn’t love a new game to fresh out their minds, the new games was also known with high jackpot starting amount and also different free game style. Instead of me recommending without showing you the actual things, you can always visit the most popular and trustworthy Malaysia Online Casino company – TONY888.

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