Three cars, each with 1,360bhp, signal the end of the Agera model line. Sad face

There is some good news, and some bad news. Good news first: Koenigsegg has announced that it will build three special edition Agera models each packing 1,360bhp and a range of bespoke additions.

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The bad bit? It signals the end of the Agera model line. Boo.

Still, what you get is something pretty spectacular. The first of the three cars, dubbed ‘One of 1’, has been unveiled here in Geneva, and features a new rear wing, roof air intake, a 3D printed twin-exit titanium exhaust, a custom venuri with adjustable winglets, a new front splitter and some polished aluminium switchgear.

Oh, and the small matter of Koenigsegg’s 5.0-litre supercharged V8 ‘1MW’ engine. It’s the same as in the One:1 (don’t get confused), producing 1,360bhp and 1,011lb ft of torque. No word on performance, but considering it weighs in at just 1,380kg fully loaded, it’ll be rather rapid.

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All three cars will eventually be finished and delivered towards the end of 2017. Think you can still pick up an Agera RS? Think again. That car, remember, was launched at the 2015 Geneva show, and within 10 months, all 25 cars were sold.

Speaking of which, there’s a special edition Agera RS on display in Geneva too: clear carbon striping, lots of leather and carbon fibre, and a socking great V8 with 1,160bhp.

Sad to see the Agera go, or is the arrival of the new 1,500bhp Regera enough to sate your Koenigsegg needs?


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