Gallery: the amazing supercars of London 2017

It’s summer, which means there are some insanely expensive cars on our city streets

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London has more billionaires than any other city in the world. According to people who monitor such things, your average billionaire is married, worth £1.79bn, and would never spend less than £10m on a property. Also, they like cars. Expensive cars.

There’s another group of rather wealthy types who fly their cars over specially to London, in order to parade around the “platinum triangle” formed by Mayfair, Knightsbridge and Belgravia during the summer months. With these two groups sticking firmly to Zone 1, there’s a strong chance you’ll witness some pretty special cars scraping across our capital’s finest speed bumps.

Thanks to Alex Penfold, we’ve been keeping check of what’s in the capital for the last few years and you should know the score by now. For people who aren’t aware, the premise of our Supercars of London series is simple.

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Firstly, we dispatch Alex Penfold – our supercar paparazzo – onto the streets of London, armed with nothing more than a camera and a bottle of Lucozade. Then, he must play a giant game of hide and seek around the most exclusive parts of town, hunting down car rarities like Lamborghini Venenos, Bugatti Chirons or whatever other exotica stumbles his way. It’s like Pokemon Go but with cars. And better.

Six months later he returns to our office and hands over an SD card with staggering results. This year is no exception. And we’re only halfway through summer.

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Now, who wants to play a game? Your challenge – if you choose to accept it – is to name all the super expensive metal in the gallery above. A bonus non-refundable Internet Point is also up for grabs to anyone who can tot up the cost of all this four-wheeled want. So click through and leave your answers below.


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