China’s online population touches 751 million

BEIJING: China’s online population, the highest in the world, reached 751 million in June, registering a 2.7% increase compared with the end of 2016, according to a report published today.

A total of 724 million Chinese now use mobile phones to go online, accounting for 96.3% of the online population, according to the 40th China Statistical Report on Internet Development.

Mobile food delivery services saw the biggest rise in users, reaching 274 million, a 41.4% increase from six months ago, the report said.

Over 502 million used online payments on mobile phones, and 463 million used mobile online payment while shopping offline, as online commerce applications enjoyed a boost over the six months, state-run Xinhua news agency reported.
Online public services have also become a hit in the first half of the year with more than 106 million using bike- sharing services.
Online education, taxi hailing and private car hailing had 144, 278 and 217 million users respectively as of June.
Moreover, up to 343 million Chinese use online live streaming, including 180 million accounts streaming online games. There were also total of 173 million live-streaming reality show accounts.
According to the report, the number of websites across the country was 5.06 million in June, up 4.8% in six months.

China had 338 million IPv4 addresses at the end of June, ranking second in the world.

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