It’s been a while since we started to invite players back into the famous SCR888, it is well known for it high payout rate that is what makes our players love this game the most. Today, we will be bring out some of our recommendations through out over 50 games inside the SCR888 application. The application itself includes a variety of games of over a bunch of games for our customer to choose on.

Today, we will roll up some of the most played and most recommended games for our readers. The list suppose to be fan made and not to be calculated as an professional top chart. The first of all, it’s the Great Blue slot game, which was quite popular in some region and appears to be one of the most played mobile slot games at late 2015, reports showing the game appears to have over 100,000 online player when at peak time. The game itself show off’s high bonus rate for bringing our players into the lucky shell round. The shell itself hides several numbers of multipliers and free spins times. In return of the high bonus rate, the players have to decide their own fate in choosing the right shell to hit the highest spin times and multiplier, which was 25 and 10 respectively in our company.

The second one was the highway king slot game, this slot game is also one of a kind when they first appeared in the early 2014, the game is popular in its high payout rate to cover up to less play mode such as low rates of hitting a free game and even a line win is somehow seek to be hard in this rate. The games it self provides more icons than some games and make the random spinning more and more complex for most of the users. But no on is going to argue with game since it provide even more higher payout multiplier. It would be fine to take on to the game if you are as confident as your luck goes then this game would might be a challenge for you to test out.

The third one would be the Dolphin Reef slot game, we would try to convince most players to play this game, due to the it would just be the most balanced payout rate and free game rate that you can find hardly. The main point is also on the free game itself, it was still using a very classic slot game bonus method which was to provide 2 full horizontal wild lane. It also automatically provide free spins in the way of the free game icon that sticked to the line, which is going to make 5 icons the maximum effect, and when the free game arrived, the players would still need to make the other horizontal lanes being picked up by the same icon in order to get a line win, and also you would not have to worry about the other lanes, as i said it would be a full wild lane.

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