Witness 18,000bhp worth of Koenigsegg on a tour

  1. You want horsepower? You can’t handle the horsepower. We’re talking more than 18,000bhp and 15,000lb ft of torque across 19 of the world’s rarest hypercars. It’s Koenigsegg, doing mankind a service by going on a tour of Sweden.

    “This is amazing, and a little bit humbling, to be honest,” explains the boss, Christian von Koenigsegg. “We have a wonderful cross section of Koenigsegg history here, nearly every generation of car we’ve ever made is represented.

    “And the people just love them.”

    As we said, there were 19 Koenigseggs on the tour – the largest gathering of Koenigseggs in one place. Ever. Count ‘em: Six CCXs, four CCRs, three Agera RSs, two Agera Rs, 2 CCXRs, one Agera, and one, erm, One:1.

    Those cars included the first ever Koenigsegg customer, and the most recent. The tour kicked off in Malmö, taking in a parked display in the Stortoget town square, overnight in Malmöhus (an old fortification), and then along Route 101 towards the south east and Ystad on Saturday.

    A castle was on the route too (Kronovall Castle) – because hypercars and castles just make everything better – then a quick stop at the Autoseum, and finally to a place called Bjärsjölagård. Trying saying quickly that after a few beverages.

    After that it was a Sunday morning blast to Ring Knutstorp – apparently nicknamed the ‘little Nordschliefe’ – then to the Koenigsegg factory, and finally to the Örenäs estate for the evening.

    “The Koenigsegg Owners Tour will be back to spread more love in 2018,” we’re told. Good.

    Pictures courtesy of Koenigsegg

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