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Talking about traditional slot game which most of our father-age would love to play in and it was also provided in anywhere around the world, from the famous Las Vegas to almost some of the smallest city on earth may also provide casino services. To not be mistaken, you would guess correctly, i was talking about the 777 slot game, which only uses one row to decide the winning streak, either the top, middle, bottom or maybe only the zig-zag line and it all return into one line for the winning type.

Today, we will talk about the game, Great Blue, as some new users that only started to join our Malaysia Online Casino list this information is rather useful or vital, from different person to different mindsets. Now we talk about the winning lines. The main difference of the Great Blue Slot game are the line winning format. Classic casino slot machine as i said at the start of the topic are using only 3 lines and 3 rows to define the winning streak. It provides the Great Blue with a more wider winning line streak. The winning point in this game is you just have to get in any categories in any of the 25-paylines.

But bear in mind, if anyone wanted to win in the great blue slot game, they still need to make a consecutive line of the symbol in the specific place around the 25 lines in order to get the winning payout. The player would also need to deeply define each line, due to different players would have different luck in playing so maybe in deducting which line is connected to which point, you would have better distributed your betting sum. This may all work in order but situations will be changed if you have collected the stacking wild signs.

But who would be lucky enough to get stacked wild symbols once in every three spins, so it would be a vital part for our player to make a decision in betting on different lines, that may in the end causing different payout rate due to the lower betting amount. Choosing the correct line to avoid useless lines that does not show out in 10 spins you may be able to save up a sum of money investing into useless line bets.

Until the end of this month, this game is still one the most popular slot game of our company Malaysia Online Casino TONY888, You may join up hundreds of players from around the world.

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