Mansory’s 577bhp modified Bentley Mulsanne: worth it?

Tuner’s accessories aren’t daft… but are you better off with a Mulsanne Speed?

Mansory. Purveyor of dubious improvement to prestige vehicles since 1989, and now responsible for these tweaks to Bentley’s massive luxo-limo, the Mulsanne. And they’re not blindingly daft. For once.

So the carbon front lip with little aero gates at the edges probably isn’t going to make much difference to a car with the aerodynamic properties of a sparkly shed, and the exposed carbon intake covers get slightly lost amongst the posh prison window of the double-fronted stainless steel grille, but it’s not disastrous. Similarly, the side skirts and ‘diffuser insert’ at the rear aren’t likely to provoke visual anaphylaxis, and the 22-inch wheels don’t exactly scream ‘tuner car’. Not sure about the carbon lip that Mansory promises gives the rear ‘the pep it’s missing’ either, but it’s not until you dig about in the specs that things get even more confusing.

The thing is, Mansory’s in-house engine department has tuned the Mulsanne’s 6.75-litre, twin turbocharged V8 to produce 585hp/430Kw with an ‘unrivalled’ 1,100 Nm or 811lb ft of torque. That leads to 0-62mph in 5.0 seconds dead and 190mph top end. Which sounds like a useful improvement – as these things go – over the standard car’s 505bhp/752lb ft and 0-62 in 5.3/184mph.

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Thing is, 430Kw is actually 577bhp, and the 811lb ft torque figure – the real number when you’re hauling a car this big – is unrivalled… except by Bentley’s own Mulsanne Speed. Which incidentally produces 530bhp and 811lb ft, but manages 0-62mph in 4.9 seconds and the same 190mph top end. I know, it’s only point one of a second, but if we’re going to war on stats…

The Speed also offers carbon bits on request and a myriad of official sporty styling options through the Mulliner bespoke dept – though no ‘extra pep’ rear spoiler. No prices on the Mansory conversion as yet, but it begs the question as to whether you’re paying for ‘improvement’ here, or just to be a bit different. I think I’ve answered my own question really.

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