Buy a REALLY BIG WING for your Audi R8 or TT

Audi Sport Performance Parts’ arrive for TT and R8. Adds downforce, removes weight

So, you want to make your two-door Audi a bit more sportlich. Fair play. This time last week your only option would’ve been to go to ABT, MTM or similar, but no longer.

Audi has released a catalogue of  ‘Audi Sport Performance Parts’ for the TT and R8 (other models will follow) that “take dynamic handling to a wholly new level”. See, these parts aren’t just cosmetic. Audi claims the all-CFRP aero kit (the TT’s is a CFRS/plastic split) doubles the amount of downforce the R8 produces at 150kph (93mph) to a mighty – ahem – 52kg. We suspect all that will matter to the people who’ll buy it is the size of the wing. Which, good news, is BIG.


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You can also get better brakes (and various other brake-based upgrades), two- or three-way coilover suspension and for the TTS and TTRS, a specially-developed Akrapovic exhaust. The fully-milled 20s save 7.2kg on the TT and 8kg on the R8 and for the former come shod with 255/30 R20 tyres. The R8 gets 245/30 R20s (front) and 305/30 R20s (rear).


Interior upgrades include an Alcantara wheel, CFRP gearshift paddles and, in the TT, a special brace that replaces the rear seats – saving weight (20kg) and improving rigidity.

German dealers get the parts at the end of summer. We sincerely hope Britain is one of the “other markets” in which Audi intends to sell them…

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