Meet the most extreme Lotus Evora ever

The Evora GT430 is a bewinged beauty with more power and less weight

It’s been at least two weeks since we’ve written ‘the most powerful Lotus [insert model here] ever’. Which, we’re not afraid to admit, had us a little bit worried. Luckily, an email popped into our inbox informing us that Lotus has a new Evora model that has superseded its previous model in the power stakes. Phew. News to keep the British sports car company name alive and relevant until Chinese car giant Geely gets its teeth stuck into the business later this year.


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It’s called the Evora GT430. And you guessed it, it’s the most powerful Evora ever. It’s also the most powerful Lotus road car ever; a car that’s been to boot-camp and spent some time in the wind tunnel to create the most extreme Evora to date. And that ‘GT’ moniker? That’s a nod to the fast Esprits of old.

Powered by the same 3.5-litre supercharged V6 as normal, it’s now been tweaked and charge cooled to produce 430 bhp and 325 lb ft. Fed through its six-speed gearbox and helped with new sticky Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres, the GT430 is good for 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 190mph.

Standing on the scales at 1,258kg dry, it’s 26kg lighter than the Evora Sport 410. How? Well, there’s a standard titanium exhaust (-10 kg), carbon body panels (-4.7 kg), lightweight interior components (-2.5 kg), Öhlins and Eibach adjustable spring and damper assembly (-10 kg) and lightweight rear brake discs (-2 kg).  There’s more though, a thinner aluminium undertray (-1.5 kg), the introduction of lightweight aluminium brackets (-1.3kg), lightweight polycarbonate backlight glass (-0.5 kg) and a re-profiled fluid fill system (-2.5 kg).





You may notice it’s also got new bits added on. The front and rear bumpers are new and carbon with exposed weave, there’s a new front splitter, front access panel, roof panel and gigantic rear wing. That adds a weight penalty of 4kg, but also a load of downforce. With the help of new channelling ducts at the front and that rear wing, the Evora GT430 garners 250kg of downforce at 190 mph – matching the 410’s maximum downforce of 64kg at just 90mph.

This whole package allows for a lap of Hethel (Lotus’ test track) to be completed in 1:25.8. Making it the fastest Evora ever and as quick as the stripped out and potty 3-Eleven.

The moody, exposed carbon on the outside makes its way inside too. And lots of carbon. There are new carbon-backed Sparcos, new carbon door sills and a new lightweight carbon instrument binnacle. What’s not carbon is largely Alcantara; the steering wheel, dashboard, door panels, transmission tunnel and centre console are all trimmed in the stuff.

Only 60 GT430s will be made (by hand) at the factory in Norfolk for £112,500. So this, or a new Porsche GT3? Let us know below.

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