Another game that we are going to recommend to our beloved players this week is the Highway kings which was originally founded in the SCR888 kiosk. This game is mainly played by most enthusiast players as this game doesn’t actually provide any general free-games and high bonus payout. This game is build with a very high line payout rate. If you are lucky enough to spin in 10 times, if you would be lucky enough to win in 8 spins, you probably will be ready to withdraw your winning sum.

The game itself was build up just like his name, the game is surrounded by a highway truck feel from the user interface itself to the game music and sound effects. The spin button is also covered by a truck wheel and every time you spin the game it will play a melody of a truck horn that makes up quite a magnificent playing style to our players.

Now, i will show how mainly this game is suppose to be played. Most of our players, talking about experienced players that some visits genting casino few times a week will know that most classic casino slot machines have quite low payout rate and a harsh free game rate, because you need to line up 3 scatter from the first line to achieve the free game system as most free games in now a time online casino provide scatter’s in all ways to allow free games, that allow a higher chance of getting free games. Second, the payout rate, most of the basic payout for the scatter line is paying a hundred multiplier and this game also provides the same. But now is where this game shines, at the wild pays, this game wild pays gives out x10000 which was so far very high than most of the the slot game we are able to find out in this market. And the special point is the multiplier is counted for a single icon for every line, so there will be no stacking out with small payouts. As long as you have one Wild in that line it follow the Wild Payout which impresses mostly only players that wanted to play with their bare lucks.

So in the end for the review of this game, is this game actually meeting up the lines with most other games in the market? I don’t think so, the game is actually suffering from low player rates by the mean time. It maybe suitable for those who’s luck is just overwhelming in that month. For general players that is playing for the feel and the enjoying the excitement of the Free Game plays, we would not recommend this game. You may also enjoy this game with our TONY888 Malaysia Online Casino.

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